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A wonderful Valentine’s Day

Posted on: February 17, 2014

I had an awesome Valentine’s Day this year. =D

Royce chocolates from Eric! He gave me an extra one for Mr Toh. So nice of him to remember~~
 photo 20140214_095054.jpg

I posted a Valentine’s Day photo and message on Facebook to Mr Toh for him to see. He usually does not reply to stuffs like these hence I was super surprised to see that he replied me in the afternoon.

 photo untitled.png

It may be a small thing to most but to be honest, stuff like these makes me happy knowing that he thought of me and made the effort to reply when he usually does not. Love you!

I was supposed to go to Grandpa’s house after work as their family was celebrating the 15th day of CNY together. Called him as I was walking to the bus stop, as usual, when he asked if I wanted to find him at his shop before going to Grandpa’s house.

My first thought was “Flowers?” but I didn’t say anything and told myself not to think so much also. No expectations = no disappointment.

When I reached his shop, he was busy with paperwork so I waited for him. Once he was done, we chatted a bit and he suddenly said, “我有买花给你.”

I was like, O.O “真的吗? 你有买花给我?”

And he brought out the flowers from behind the counter.

Awwww…my favourite tulips! Such a gorgeous gorgeous shade!

What I posted on FB:

Gorgeous blooms. This surprise put a big smile on my face. I admit. I love tulips. I can’t justify spending too much on a bouquet for Vday so Mr Toh sourced for a more reasonably priced bouquet. Mr Toh asked me to find him at his workplace after I knocked off. Am I BHB if I say I suspected flowers? But told myself not to think so much. :X However I was pleasantly surprised when he said, “我有买花给你。” Awwww…so touched! Am a super happy girl this Vday. Thank you my love.

I couldn’t stop smiling. =X Heehee. Very glad that he was sensible and did not buy a $100 bouquet. This only costed $50. And for tulips on Vday, I find it very very reasonable! xD

Took super many photos of it over the next 2 days~~

These were taken on 15/02. Pwetty~
 photo 20140215_132308.jpg

 photo 20140215_110738.jpg

Fully bloomed on 16/02! So pretty~~
 photo 20140216_104513.jpg

The stalks in the middle started growing. Lol!
 photo 20140216_104404.jpg

Happy that Mr Toh had off on 15/02 Saturday so we could go for a Saturdate!

I woke up really early to finish up Mr Toh’s Vday card. I had the idea during the week to do a pop up card. And since we were playing WoW again, I really wanted to do a WoW themed card.

Since I was also the healer in the guild, I thought of telling Mr Toh that I’ll be his healer forever regardless of what game we were playing. Heehee. It helps that I like to play healers!

Cover page. Trying to be humorous. Though I should have added “a lot.” LOL.
The 2 hearts are paper doilies I bought for $2 from Daiso! Good buy huh! Haha~~ The wordings were supplies I got from Huiyi~ She has lots of materials for scrapbooking and those were perfect.
 photo NA201402151106490077-61-090000000.jpg

Inside of the card. I used our own characters! Print screen, then printed and cut them out.

“I’ll forever be your healer”

Got the poem off Google, thought it was very cute!
 photo NA201402151106110016-61-090000000.jpg

Left the card on Mr Toh’s keyboard and went to wake him up after I did some dungeons.

When he saw the card, he said something like “我也有礼物啊?"
He laughed after seeing the card. Muahahaha!

Once he saw the phrase “I’ll forever be your healer”, the 1st thing he said was, “Forever be my healer? 你说的hor. PVP?” LOL. Bth…~~

Am really glad he likes the card. He thanked me and again when I was going to bed. Aww… *touched* *muacks*

We didn’t really go anywhere special, just had our favourite sushi.

Selfie time while otw. Thank you Mr Toh for indulging me. =*

@ LRT platform~~
 photo 20140215_153837.jpg

Waiting for our food~~ Him.
 photo 20140215_163636.jpg

 photo 20140215_163647.jpg

Itacho Sushi @ Plaza Singapura. Ordered quite a lot and I tried their salmon sashimi on Mr Toh’s assurance that it is very fresh.
And it is really fresh!! Texture was awesome, not slimy like the ones from Sakae Sushi I tried many years ago. This was very similar to the one I tried in Hokkaido!! Just lose by a bit only! Damn nice!!
 photo 20140215_170235.jpg

Mr Toh said he purposely chose the fattiest slice for me to try and asked if I got taste any fragrance/sweetness from the salmon.

Um, to be honest, no.

He said “我选最肥的给你try, 你跟我讲没有香味. 我要跳楼!”

LOLOLOL. 这样夸张嚒???

Yummy gyozas!
 photo 20140215_165345.jpg

Unagi / grilled pork / tuna / fatty salmon / crabstick sushi!
 photo 20140215_165758.jpg

Sadly, Mr Toh said the fatty salmon sushi was not that good, not very fresh. He ordered the tuna sushi to try but realised that he really does not like the taste. Grilled pork was good this time. Unagi taste was good and quite a thick slice, but the meat was kinda old. My crabstick sushi was awesome.

Crab and crab miso / roast duck breast warship sushi. Crab sushi was so so…a bit too much miso. =X
Roast duck breast was quite good, had a very fragrant taste according to Mr Toh.
 photo 20140215_170011.jpg

Spicy minced pork mini don / top salmon belly with black pepper / clams with butter & pepper.
 photo 20140215_165035.jpg

The pork don was quite spicy but shiok! I love my salmon belly as usual but there were so many bones, I was afraid of swallowing it. We super love the clams here~~! I love the butter flavour.

Had an awesome satisfying meal. =)

Went to Dad’s house to meet up with his brothers as we’re catching a movie later that night! Wee~~


Marcus Luttrell, a Navy Seal, and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious al Qaeda leader Ahmad Shahd, in late June 2005. After running into mountain herders and capturing them, they were left with no choice but to follow their rules of engagement or be imprisoned. Now Marcus and his team are left to fight for their lives in one of the most valiant efforts of modern warfare.

Had no idea what this movie was about but I liked it. I was very into it and was very kan cheong throughout the movie! Love how graphic the movie was, very violent but entertaining. =X

Wanted to have Ah Seah porridge for supper but it was closed. T_T So we cabbed back to the coffeeshop near Dad’s place for dinner. 阿姨 treated us to zi char, though the sotong was a tad undercooked, the rest of the dishes were good.

Sunday was housework day. Had to clear my backlog. Lol. WoW-ed then napped and waited for Mr Toh to come home to help me complete my quest. Haha. My healer’s DPS sucks balls. Hai.

Mr Toh’s off again today. Wonder if he wants to go for spaghetti or ramen. Hmm. Hungry now just thinking about it.


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