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EGCSS CNY dinner + Gathering with my babes~

Posted on: February 10, 2014

Lookie what I got from Kukup!

Cute neck cushion from Kukup that Mr Toh bought for me and a cute chopper fan Xiang Ming bought for me! Awww~~ Love them both!
 photo 20140209_113354.jpg

Company CNY dinner on Friday 07/02 at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, Grand Pacific Hotel~ We got off work at 6pm! Shiok!

Me! 黑眼圈吓死人. Hai.

Shark’s fin.

8.5cm abalone, according to our boss. But I forgot to bring a ruler along to measure. =X

Roast duck. Before.

After. This was pretty yummy~~

Bird’s nest~~ Nice. I have learnt to appreciate bird’s nest as I get older. =X


Wa, Eric so cool sia.

Us girls wanted to take a selfie together and this Weiliang came and kpo. Singing still want to take photo~~!

Me and Daphne who was sitting beside me.

“Hot” lady that night, Irene, who was busy pouring hot water for those who wanted to mix with their cordon bleu.

We finished 6 bottles of cordon bleu that night, 1 more bottle not pictured.

Prize I won from our dinner! Cute Nescafe coffee machine~~
I was eyeing this the entire dinner, hahahaha! Sooo happy when my name was called! Heehee~~!
 photo 20140208_012255.jpg
 photo 20140208_012341.jpg

Cash!! Finally broke the curse of winning vouchers every year. Yay~~!
 photo 20140208_013704.jpg

Went for my dental appointment on Sat morning~ Was in and out of Dr Djeng’s office within 5 minutes! Super fast, haha!

Meeting the babes at Char’s place after that, so I bought cupcakes and 4Fingers chicken wings! YUMMEH.

Char’s house is not yet ready but she was there to enjoy the condo facilities as they already have to pay the monthly maintenance fees. So we kpo along to view her house. Sooo nice lo!! Have already started planning to visit her and her house more often. Wahahaha =X

Chilling at the jacuzzi pool which I stupidly submerged myself into 10 mins later and wet my denim shorts. LOL. Luckily Jiahui has extra shorts which she lent me~~ Love you babe~~!

My fat legs~~
 photo 20140208_125308.jpg

Gorgeous pool~~~~ Perfect length for serious swimmers.
 photo 20140208_124155.jpg

After Char’s swim, we proceeded to buy lunch and headed to my house. Char’s hubby was very nice to drive us around~~

Our yummy yusheng from Ichiban!!
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0008.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0019.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0010.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0017.jpg

Us and Mummy! Hee.
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0011.jpg

After dinner, while Christina was sitting in the living room chatting with Char’s hubby, we fasterly brought out the cupcakes and sang her a birthday song as Jia was leaving soon. Christina was like, “Huh? Whose birthday?” LOL.

Birthday girl!! I bought a rose cupcake for her! So pink and pretty!
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0003.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0012.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0004.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0005.jpg

Different artist’s impressions. Hahaha.

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0014.jpg

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0018.jpg

We all had to take a photo with the birthday girl of course~
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0013.jpg.
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0015.jpg
 photo IMG-20140208-WA0016.jpg

So happy to finally meet up and have a proper gathering with my girls~ Jia left first as she has something on. Me and Char then proceeded to show each other our wedding photos as we could not attend the wedding. Hee.

One last gathering for CNY at Mr Toh’s 大姨’s place.

Drank coffee before going out! 乘机 use the new coffee machine, wee~~!

It’s very easy to use and the coffee tastes great! Have yet to check out how much the capsules cost, hope it’s not too expensive!

Making capuccino. Very wasteful, this one. One capsule for milk and one for coffee. I thought one capsule for one cup and was feeling confused why there was no coffee. Tsk.
 photo 20140209_130138.jpg
 photo 20140209_130147.jpg
 photo 20140209_130242.jpg
 photo 20140209_130440.jpg


OOTD~ Floral dress from Forever 21. Got compliments from Mr Toh when I wore it! He said he missed the way I used to dress. =) Shall take note to dress more femininely~
It’s very comfortable but a bit loose on me, have to bring it for alteration~
 photo 20140209_184100.jpg

我. Love the sunlight.
 photo IMG_20140211_101220.jpg

After visiting, we went to catch the Robocop movie.


In 2028 Detroit, when Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop – is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.


Ummm….I really liked the actor, Joel Kinnaman. But I thought the movie was quite weak….especially the ending. Quite a waste, especially as it took so many years before we got a new movie..

Headed for porridge at Ah Seah after that and then went home to WoW. Yes, we have fallen back to the dark side. T_T

Ran a few dungeons and I was so stressed. Seriously. Like freaking noob. Dungeon only leh, not even raid. Tsk tsk tsk. Gotta take some time to get back on track and build up my equips. Chiong ah~~

On leave tomorrow, hopefully can play more tonight. Hehehehe. =P


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