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Huat ah!

Posted on: February 6, 2014

Hope everyone is having a good year so far.

Went to buy flowers for praying on 29/01 as 30/01 will already be CNYE and most places would be closed. Luckily Mr Toh remembered, if not, I think we’d have to pluck from roadside. Tsk.

The market at Kovan has a flower stall that expanded its stall for CNY and Mr Toh told me to buy the flowers there. They really have a wide range and all so pretty!

Pretty flowers!!!
 photo 20140129_204259.jpg

Boss gave us half day off on CNYE, yay!! But it was a hectic day.

Asked Mr Toh to buy Toto for the $5 million draw because I have no luck. But he said this year should be good cause we had half day. Lol. So I did buy but never tio. Chey. He tio $60 though, not bad!

Went to Vivo to buy a saucepan as we need a new one for cooking vegetarian food, then went to Kovan to find Mr Toh as he was getting off work at 3pm~~

We had tea at the half closed coffeeshop after that and cabbed home for my side’s reunion dinner~~ Still had to rush to clear the house. Luckily Mum and Sis prepared the food already.

Then, we rushed to Grandpa’s place for 2nd round. We reached quite late, everyone else had ate already so we ate a bit only.

Went to Dad’s house after that and he passed us some vegetarian foods for praying.

We had to pray for 初一 after 12 midnight and we took quite a while to prepare everything as it was our first time. T_T

It was about 3am by the time we were done. And we had to wake up at 4:30am to prepare for Kukup. *sigh* We only slept for about an hour before leaving for Grandpa’s house. Goodness.

Stopped for breakfast when we entered JB. Ummmm, food was quite bad…the chee cheong fun wasn’t the same as Singapore’s and had a weird texture.

But we had lots of fun at Kukup!!

The house wasn’t ready yet when we arrived so we went for the kelong trip first! Still as scary as ever. I was paranoid that I will fall into the water. T_T

Us on the boat! Beautifully taken by Sis~~ Awesome background!
I’m wearing an Ohvola top that I bought a few months back but only got it altered for this CNY. Hehe.
 photo IMG-20140202-WA0000.jpg

 photo IMG-20140202-WA0008.jpg

Sexy butt. Hahaha! =X
 photo 20140131_185138.jpg

After the kelong trip, we went back and I took a shower. When I came out, there was tea break waiting! Yummy prawn crackers and fried beancurd. Awesomeeeee~~~ Refillable somemore. Hehehehe. SHIOK!! We took a nap after that.

When we woke up, dinner was almost ready. BBQ seafood! Double shiok! Food was pretty ok~~ Considered not bad lah.

 photo 20140131_203356.jpg

Our turn!! We were racking our brains what to write and everyone was saying 早生贵子 but we refused! Hahahaha! Not yet lah not yet~~
 photo IMG-20140202-WA0003.jpg

 photo IMG-20140202-WA0005.jpg

Big brother teaching little brother how to play the sparklers. Heh. Soooo cute~~
 photo 20140131_220947.jpg

姑姑 bought so much fireworks for us to view and play! Seriously, she is the best. Without her, we won’t be going on family outings like this… We love her so much!!

1 of the many fireworks she bought. No time to take photos of the rest. Hahaha.
 photo 20140131_210434.jpg

We watched the fireworks until our necks ached. Shiok!! I love it when we put firecrackers too! Really have the feeling of Chinese New Year!

叔叔们 also had lots of fun playing with the firecrackers. Mummy said it reminded her of her childhood. Heh.

The next day (01/02 初二), we were woken up really early at 6:30am as Hongyi was crying. =X But it’s ok~~
Xiangming, Huiyi, Mummy, me and Alex went exploring till the end of the area. We also discovered a temple and 3 cute puppies!! The early morning air was sooo cold and refreshing!

Mummy even saw her ex colleague whose family was managing the resorts there. And just nice the place we were staying at was his cousin’s! Kukup so small. Heh.

Us on the bus~~
 photo 20140201_135739.jpg

The bus brought us to Grandpa’s house and we cabbed back from there.
When we reached home, frantic packing began!! Still haven’t completed packing our home. =X

Then our relatives came over for a while to visit Mummy. Rested for a while then we went for a movie with 姑姑!

Caught From Vegas to Macau.


The fourth instalment of the “God Of Gamblers” film series with Chow Yun-fat to reprise his role as the titular protagonist. Super hacker “Show Hand” and Karl go to Las Vegas with their mentor, the retired swindler Benz, to visit Benz’s old buddy Hendrick, a renowned conman who has left behind his troubled past to work as a security consultant for a casino. During their stay in Vegas, Show Hand bumps into his friend Ken, who is working undercover for Interpol to gather evidence against Mr. Ko, a mafia boss. Realising that he has a mole in his company, Mr. Ko puts a hit out on Ken, but Ken hides the USB with the evidence with Show Hand, only for it to be accidentally taken away by Charlie, Hendrick’s daughter. Now Show Hand and Hendrick must work together to gather evidence against Mr. Ko to save Charlie.


I loved this show!! I loved Chow Yun Fat in it, he was soooo funny and soooo cute!! Charming too! Can tell that he 保养的很好. *swoon*
I find it a simple show but it was done well and turned out to be very entertaining. =)

初三 (02/02), we went visiting at Grandma’s place~~ Yay to delicious braised duck and pork belly!!! *looks at my expanding tummy sadly*

After that, we went to 二舅’s place for a while before everyone moved to our home.

Heated up some food for them as we had a lot of food from praying that we had not eaten yet. Luckily they helped us finished it!

CNY home decorations!

Love the pussy willow~~~ Spot the fat horse given to me as a gift. So cute~!
 photo 20140203_111631.jpg

Flowers & 福 flanked by 2 super cute Pegasus!!
 photo 20140203_111659.jpg

Took a picture with my cute niece~ Her hat is super cute lah, bth!! Everyone wanted to take a photo with her. Lol.
 photo IMG-20140202-WA0011.jpg

We couldn’t eat as we were supposed to be going to Godma & Godpa’s place. Cabbed down and we had steamboat! Super yummy!

After the delicious meal, we left for 姑姑’s place to 拜年 with the other brothers. Stayed till late and had McD supper before 姑丈 sent us home. We are so blessed.

初四 (03/02), I was on leave! Mummy went out early to pray with my aunt and I stayed home to clear my household chores backlog. Went to Aunt’s house in the afternoon to 拜年 where Mummy and the rest were playing poker. Sad to say, Mummy lost $80. I didn’t even play but only helped Mummy to look at her cards when she wasn’t free. Lol.

Played till quite late, around 6pm plus and we left to go to my uncle’s place for a while which was nearby before cabbing home~~

Officially started work on 初五 (04/02). Huat ah!!! Got early knock off at 5pm! Shiok max!! Went to find Mr Toh then headed home for some me time and watched Running Man! Hehe.

Dinner gathering at 姑姑’s place yesterday (05/02 初六). I had early release from work again at 5pm~~~

So I went to Vivo to buy fruit tarts from Fruit Paradise for the gathering!
Had lots of time so I didn’t mind waiting for an hour as I was buying 2 whole tarts. Got one chocolate banana and one mixed fruit tart. They were so pretty!

Went for dessert break at Honeymoon desserts. I had some mango thingy with mochi and vanilla ice cream. The mochi was soft, chewy and sweet. Very yummy and shiok!!

Dinner was great, the food was nice~~ Waited till 10pm for my Mr Toh to arrive after he knocked off work. We stayed till 11pm plus before 姑丈 sent us home again. Seriously so thankful!!

I’ve been pretty absent minded in the mornings for the past 2 days. Kept forgetting this and that. Tsk. Wake up your idea ah!

But it’s been an awesome new year so far. Hoping for the best for all my loved ones!

Huat ah!!!


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