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Happy Lunar New Year!!

Posted on: January 30, 2014

Yay, it’s CNY eve today!!

It’s our first ever in our new home. I love the idea of it but it’s sooo tiring! Spring cleaning aside, there’s a lot of things to buy too. Also need to pray so that’s more things to buy. It’s also our first year so we’re still very new to this praying things.

Had to buy everything yesterday and poor Mr Toh was so tired as he had to keep popping out while working to buy stuff.

I helped him buy the flowers yesterday, luckily he remembered, if not, today I’d have to go pluck from the roadside. Hahaha.

The flowers were soooo pretty!! I told Mr Toh that I had a hard time choosing the flowers and he asked me not to buy the whole shop. Told him that I already did and asked them to deliver to our house. LOL.

Need to pen this down for next year’s reference.

Every last lunar day of the year must pray to ancestors & Buddha.

Must haves:
– Roast duck
– Roast chicken
– Roast pork
– Stir fried vegetables
– Fried whole fish
– Soup
– Fried beancurd
– Fruits
– Flowers
– Joss papers

1st day of the new lunar year must pray and replace all fruits & flowers for ancestors and Buddha. Must pray vegetarian.

Hmm, think that’s about it.

Excited for our Kukup trip!! Can’t wait!

Mummy cooked dinner on 16 Jan. The prawns were really yummy!
 photo 2014-01-16-20-32-06_photo.jpg

OOTD for 22 Jan.
 photo 2014-01-22-18-50-58_photo.jpg

Was at KissJane Vivocity looking for a red top for our company’s CNY dinner but no luck.

Managed to buy a red top online from MGP though, their service is fast! I got my top through normal mail after 2 days! *thumbs up!!*

Went to find Mr Toh at Chinatown on 23 Jan as he was queuing up for Lim Chee Guan bak kwa. The queue is crazy! We didn’t manage to get the sliced pork as it was sold out by then. So we bought the gold coin pork and spicy pork. Also bought some bacon to try. Can’t wait!!

Chinatown decorations this year. Huat ah!
 photo 2014-01-23-20-44-31_photo.jpg

We went to Chinatown again on 25 Jan again with Mummy & Huiyi. Shopped till 1am plus. So tired!
Bought some decorations, peanuts and pussy willow + a vase. Super heavy dragging them home, luckily we could fit everything in a cab, if not, Mr Toh will have to walk home with the pussy willow. LOL.

Super happy news today, we get off work today at 1pm! Woohoo!!

Gonna rush home, still got to clean up the house and prepare food for steamboat.

Tiring but satisfying. =)

I hope everyone enjoy the holidays and Happy Lunar New Year to all!

Wishing all of you happiness, health and prosperity!!


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