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Posted on: January 16, 2014

Went to East Coast Park with Mum and our relatives on Sunday (05/01) for picnic and just to relax~

It was drizzling on and off the whole day…wanted to cycle but I didn’t in the end.

Proof that we were at the beach! Haha..
 photo 2014-01-05-14-58-43_photo.jpg

Guess whose legs?~
 photo 2014-01-05-15-03-54_photo.jpg

 photo 2014-01-05-15-04-28_photo.jpg

Aunt prepared a lot of food, we were only responsible for buying tidbits. Lol. It was fun. =)

On Sat (11/01), we headed to Dhoby Ghaut with Huiyi to settle her school stuffs then while she left to meet her project mates (*sigh* poor thing), me and Mr Toh went for lunch and to collect my minion toys from Funan IT mall!! Like a finally.

 photo 2014-01-11-14-45-24_photo.jpg

Rare smile from Mr Toh. I look spastic. *sigh*
 photo 2014-01-11-14-47-46_photo.jpg

Then dinner with the jiemeis at Ritz Greenhouse~ Missing Daphne and Christina as they weren’t feeling well. =( But it’s ok, we still had fun thanks to Irene and her nonsense. Hahaha.

During dinner, Huiyi said she was going to the ladies but came back less than 10 seconds later to give me this pretty macaroon that was just served at the buffet table. Irene then proceeded to follow her to bring even more desserts back. LOL. Damn funny!

So pretty the macaroon! Pretty yummy too.
 photo 2014-01-11-20-38-38_photo.jpg

But, overall, I felt the buffet was quite disappointing…it was Mr Toh’s first time there and he didn’t like it too. =(

Breakfast for one on Sun (12/01). Mum was at aunt’s house, Mr Toh was working and Huiyi was out with a friend.

Yummy cheese sausage, fried egg and toast!
 photo 2014-01-12-11-37-23_photo.jpg

This plate managed to last me the whole day until Mr Toh came back. =X Because I was busy watching this Korean drama, Pasta.

I was originally watching Running Man episode 41 when Lee Sun-kyun was a guest. I was deeply charmed by his sexy voice and tall physique. *swoon*

So I went and searched for more info on him and came across Pasta. Started watching it and the rest, as they say, is history. Hee.

He’s super suave, charming, egoistical and cute in the show! Super loved the chemistry between him and the main actress too! Both of them are soooo cute!

He’s almost perfect.

Just one thing.

I noticed he has chubby hands and stumpy fingers. =X

*cue shattered glass sounds*

LOL. Sorry to sound so shallow.

But he’s a great actor and I’m thinking to watch Miss Korea next. Hee.

Met up with Huiyi and Alex at Dhoby Ghaut on Mon (13/01) again as Huiyi’s school stuff weren’t settled yet.

I wanted to try the Korean restaurant called Daebak at her school premises and they indulged me. Hee. No regrets! The food was pretty good!

Hot spicy tofu soup~~
 photo 2014-01-13-19-40-36_photo.jpg

And…. Tteokbokki!! YUM.
 photo 2014-01-13-19-41-34_photo.jpg

Mr Toh doesn’t like it though. He thinks it’s just flour, nothing special and doesn’t get why it’s the no. 1 late night snack in Korea.

Tch. I think it’s nice though. The sauce is very nice, sweet & a little spicy and the rice cake was not hard unlike the ones I’ve tried previously. Huiyi thinks the same, so 2 against 1, we win~! Hahaha~

The owner’s a Korean so I guess that’s why the food is not bad. I would return again if we are nearby that area. =)

Daebak Korean Restaurant
Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Road
#01-18, Rochor, Singapore 228095
Tel: 6884 4620

Huiyi’s at Bangkok right now..the whole family and her friends were so worried before she left. But she’s been reporting in every night and mentioned that so far, there has been no violence. Hopefully, the riots don’t escalate.

Can’t wait for her to be back.


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