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Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

Posted on: December 31, 2013

Wow. 2013 is almost over. Today’s the last day. Time has been passing by so fast! How did we get here?! Lol.

2013 has been pretty amazing and I am so thankful.

We moved into our own house this year. It was a big move and there was SO many things to do but we coped with it and I love our home!

Mummy’s health has improved. We’re gonna go Bangkok next year and bring her along to pray. So so so thankful for this.

Fina-freaking-ly removed my braces!! Woohoo! But need to wear retainers now for a couple more months. Hopefully after the next appointment with Dr Djeng, I will only need to wear them at night!

Our family has become closer too and for that, I am very thankful and so blessed.

Of course, not forgetting our wedding that has just passed. It’s also made me super grateful for our family and friends that helped us a lot, you know who you are. *big hugs*

Took some time off work on Boxing Day to meet Sis for dinner at this cafe near her office. Hee. Sorry lah, still in a holiday mood. =X
Took a direct bus to West Coast from my office. Wee~

Was supposed to meet her at the bus stop but I realised the cafe is at the opposite side so I crossed the road. While crossing the traffic light, she was just about to cross too. Such a coincidence. Lol.

W39 Bistro
39 Jalan Mas Puteh (Off West Coast Rd)
Singapore 128637

She recommended their salmon but they had changed their menu. So we ordered other things to try.

Our reservation. xD
 photo 2013-12-26-18-13-15_photo.jpg

Super yummy mushrooms but quite pricey at $10. I feel it’s not worth the price.

Roasted spatchcock. Really like the rosemary in the sauce.

Delicious Caesar salad!! This was awesome! And surprisingly, this was very value for money!

Red Velvet cake. Ummm. Very average. Nothing fantastic.

But it was a very enjoyable meal. I liked the ambience there and not too noisy. Perhaps because we were there rather early on a weeknight. I really liked the place though, shall go back another time when they have salmon on the menu!

Mr Toh was off on 27/12, so we brought him to Strangers’ Reunion. Or rather, Huiyi brought us there because the 2 of us are suaku turtles. Lol. It was very near Outram Park MRT.

Strangers’ Reunion
37 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169356

Waiting for our food~~ It was pretty crowded. We had to share a big table with other customers, we were fine with it lah but other people may not be.
 photo 2013-12-27-19-36-02_photo.jpg

Ordered their ‘magic’ coffee. Hmmm, it was not bad but not really to my liking.

The famous truffle fries! We still prefer the ones from Dempsey. =P

Yummy magic mushrooms! I notice they like to use the word “magic” quite a bit. Crispy and awesome.

Mr Toh’s pork belly. Portion is big compared to my salmon. T_T This was not bad lah. Mr Toh really liked the apple sauce that came with it.

My sous vide salmon. Bad. I couldn’t appreciate this. Who ask me to gey kiang? T_T

Buttermilk waffles. Made the mistake of not ordering it with the ice cream. But it was still quite yummy though a bit dry.

Overall, the experience wasn’t very pleasant. The music was too loud and the premises was rather cramped. The food was so-so… =X

On Sunday, we went shopping! To buy birthday present for the naughty niece. Heh.

OOTD! Been super long since I’ve did this. Lol.
 photo 2013-12-29-ootd.jpg

While resting at McCafe, I had a hazelnut latte and found a cute soldier on my drink! So cute!
 photo 2013-12-29-16-27-09_photo.jpg

It was a fruitful trip, not only did we find a few presents for her, we also bought stuff for ourselves. =X

I finally got Khiel’s Calendula toner and Midnight Recovery Concentrate! Been wanting to get them for a while now and Huiyi told me they had reduced their prices for their top selling items so why wait?!

Decided to get the 500ml toner, originally I remember the price was $100 plus but it’s $90 now so I got it on the spot.

We were then informed that if we purchase $120 above, we can get 2 travel size samples and 3 if we spend above $150 above.

Hmm, after considering, I decided to get the midnight recovery concentrate (reduced to $80) since I’ve used it before and I loved it.

Total damage was $170. Almost tempted to get their sunblock too but I decided to get the sample first then get it only when I finish using my current sunblock. Heh.

Was gonna go home then but when we passed by Kissjane, we couldn’t resist so we went in to browse. Huiyi then saw a super pretty pair of skorts from MGP. After trying it on, I decided to get it as it was not too short like all the other skorts from other shops and the prints are too pretty to resist!

Awesome buys!
 photo 2013-12-29-loots.jpg

Couldn’t wait to go home yesterday because our Forver21 package is finally here!!!

Such a big box and it is fully filled. Wee!!
 photo 2013-12-30-19-48-04_photo.jpg

Pretty happy with our buys except for 1 or 2 items that did not meet our expectations. But overall we got some good buys!

Can’t wait to meet Jiaxi, bro and sis tomorrow to pass them Jiaxi’s presents and to have a meal together. =)

Honestly, I am kinda excited for 2014 and CNY! I’ve heard it’s supposed to be a good year for those born in the year of the Ox. I sure hope so! I also hope it will be a good year for everyone in my family and all our friends! Let’s have a great year together! =P

Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2014!


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