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Merry Xmas!

Posted on: December 26, 2013

We still have not received the actual day photos from our photographer, they still have 2 days before I ask Mr Toh to chase them. =X

After the banquet, we went back up to the hotel room after sending everyone off.

Really really appreciate each and everyone that came to our wedding + those who didn’t come but sent us their well wishes.

I asked Mr Toh if he wanted to count the ang baos, he’s obviously more than happy to oblige. But halfway through, I was so sleepy I went to bathe 1st while he happily continued to count the money. He said the more he counted, the more awake he became. LOL. Silly boy.

After he was done, I’ve never seen so much cash before in my life!

Alas, they were not ours to spend as we had to pay the banquet bill the next day. Thankfully, we did not overspend on anything, there was more than enough beer, wine and liquor to keep everyone happy.

Everything went better than expected. We are so blessed and so thankful for everyone that helped out!

The next day, we woke early so we could have breakfast and deposit our cash into our bank account.

As we signed up with the hotel with their DBS promotion, Mr Toh had to pay with his debit card, hence we had to find a DBS bank that was open on a Sunday. Luckily for us, the branch at RWS was open! (Now you know. You learn something new everyday.)

Spam our pictures at the breakfast table!! First meal and first picture as a traditionally wedded couple. Hahaha.

Swollen eyebags and dark circles are so in now.

 photo 2013-12-15-10-00-06_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-12-15-09-59-22_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-12-15-10-00-29_photo.jpg

There was nothing to shop at RWS so we headed back to the hotel and prepared to check out. We had requested for late check out at 2pm and while we were on the way to RWS, they called Mr Toh to inform us they had extended our check out time to 4pm. Awesome service~!

We headed home to pick up the rest of the stuff to return to the bridal studio. It started raining super heavily when we were still home. T_T

After returning the stuffs, we headed to Shaw Centre thinking of trying the shabu restaurant there. BUT. Shaw Centre was closed for renovations. Zzz.

We then headed to 313 and tried this random Jap restaurant at the basement. Their food turned out so-so. Hmm.

My pork katsu. 1st bite, everything was pretty delish but after a few more bites, I became kinda sick of it. =X
 photo 2013-12-15-19-05-27_photo-1.jpg

I went back to work on Mon (16/12) as we were very short handed. Mr Toh came to fetch me after my work. *love*

We went to Vivo for dinner. Still craving for shabu shabu so…Shabuya it was. Wee~

Hungry Mr Toh. So cute. *pinch cheeks*
 photo 2013-12-16-19-16-38_photo.jpg
 photo 2013-12-16-19-16-53_photo.jpg

Foood~! It was not bad lah, but not fantastic. I still prefer the shabu we had at Funan IT mall but unfortunately, it has closed down. *sigh*

Mr Toh’s favourite pork.
 photo 2013-12-16-19-19-39_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-12-16-19-20-06_photo-1.jpg

We came home later that night to a very sweet letter from our neighbour. Aww….so touched!
 photo 2013-12-16-23-45-14_photo.jpg

I was on leave the next day (17/12) as I had to accompany Mummy for her check up.

Mr Toh met us later at Bugis where we went to Bras Basah to check out some watches.

Mr Toh got a gorgeous Seiko watch for himself at Kwang Guan and asked me to get one for myself too, but I did not see any watches that I really liked.

 photo 2013-12-18-00-01-25_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-12-18-00-01-39_photo.jpg

We went next door to Prestige Time and Mr Toh saw a really nice Coach watch that he thought suited me. I really liked it as well so he bought it for me. Yay!

Isn’t it pretty? I love it so much!
 photo 2013-12-17-23-59-38_photo-1.jpg
 photo 2013-12-18-00-00-15_photo-1.jpg

Was on leave again on 19/12 as it was Daddy’s death anniversary and we were going to pay our respects to him. Just nice Mr Toh had off too so he accompanied us.

Selfies. I love my specs~~~

 photo 2013-12-19-13-40-44_photo.jpg
 photo 2013-12-19-13-40-59_photo.jpg

Asked bro and sis-in-law out for dinner that night. The family gathered at Vivo and sis-in-law recommended a BBQ restaurant which turned out to be right next to the shabu restaurant we went to on Mon. Such a coincidence!

Order a kurobuta set for 4 and wagyu beef set for 2. There was sooooo much meat!! So shiok and so yummy!!

 photo 2013-12-21-16-22-58_deco.jpg

Zhiwei was saying “take what picture?!” when he spotted me pointing my phone at them. Hahahaha

 photo 2013-12-19-19-47-04_photo.jpg

But it turned out to be a bit too much because Huiyi and Mummy didn’t eat much. Hence we packed the leftovers for Mr Toh’s supper. Haha, don’t waste good meat! Super good recommendation from sis-in-law~~~

On Friday, Mr Toh’s colleagues were treating us to a meal so I met Huiyi after work at Vivo to accompany her to buy Xmas gifts for her colleague. Had some fries at Carl’s Jr and while she went home, I went to Kovan to meet Mr Toh. Their original plan was to eat at Lola’s Simon Rd but it was so packed and the waiting time was too long, hence we went to Chillax at Serangoon Gardens but the food there was………no comment. T_T

Cooked dinner on Sat (21/12) for Mummy & me as Huiyi was at er jiu’s house. When Mr Toh got back from work, I also prepared a set for him.

His feedback was that the pasta sauce sucked! So never buying Preggo’s carbonara mushroom sauce again~!
 photo 2013-12-21-18-48-08_photo.jpg

Fried mushrooms and chicken wings turned out pretty good though!
 photo 2013-12-21-18-48-15_photo.jpg
 photo 2013-12-21-18-48-24_photo.jpg

Breakfast for 1 on Sunday. Woke up early to prepare stuff for praying.
 photo 2013-12-22-08-54-20_photo.jpg

Did some housework and nua the whole day. Took a nap and I ended waking up only at 9pm plus and heard Huiyi talking to Mummy.

We can haz Xmas presents!!

Super awesome smelling lip products for me and chocolates with a cheeky message for Mr Toh. Thank you girl~~~!
 photo 2013-12-22-21-43-35_photo.jpg

Mr Toh came to fetch me again on 23/12 and we caught 47 Ronin at Vivo and it was pretty good…at least I was not nodding off. Heh.

Also caught The White Storm last week. Pretty exciting show and I love all the actors in it!

Got a miracle surprise early knock off work message on Tues (24/12) at 4:30pm! So happy!

Went walking around Vivo and got a Lancome brow pencil for myself. I am so sick and tired of Shiseido’s pencil that I don’t know how to sharpen and can only rely on Mr Toh’s skills. Doesn’t help that their counter girls are always so snobbish whenever I ask them to sharpen the pencil. Tsk.

Bought ayam penyet from Seah Im hawker for Mr Toh and while I passed by the Prima Deli store, I couldn’t resist buying the waffle. Had been craving for it for many days. There was a crowd in the store and I couldn’t resist going in to see what they were all buying. Of course it was log cakes!

Saw a small one and the staff informed me it was salted caramel flavour. Curious to know what it tastes like so I bought it on the spot for us to try!

 photo 2013-12-25-09-13-19_photo.jpg

Tastes ok I guess. =X Or maybe I’m just not big on cakes.

For Xmas day, Huiyi, Mummy and me headed to my uncle’s house to pray to my maternal grandpa.

Almost everyone was there as it was a public holiday. As usual, got bombarded with the when are you having a kid questions. *sigh* My cousin got bombarded with when are you getting married. Lol.

It was a feast, man, I love the curry my aunt cooked! Mr Toh’s favourite too, so Mummy packed a container for him for me to bring home. =)

Was stoning on the sofa after the awesome meal and my uncle hoisted my niece on me.

I usually don’t like to carry other people’s babies as I cannot take the responsibility of other people’s child on me. But this one bo bian.

My cousin’s baby girl~ 2 failed shots as she was distracted by something else.
 photo 2013-12-25-13-42-13_photo.jpg
 photo 2013-12-25-13-42-20_photo.jpg

Success at last!
“Oh nothing much, just chilling with my aunt.”
 photo 2013-12-25-13-42-34_photo.jpg

Showed this to Mr Toh, he said why she look grumpy. =X
Where got grumpy! She so guai, sit so quietly on my lap just watching TV and eating apples that her grandpa was feeding her. Soooo cute lah~

After a while more, Huiyi and me left for home. Mummy was staying over at my aunt’s place, like Christmas holidays. Lol.

KO-ed once we got home, I only woke up at 6pm plus! What a pig.

We went to buy dinner at the coffeeshop nearby~

What an uneventful public holiday.

Now I can’t wait for next week 31/12/13! Sis’s colleagues said couples should countdown to the next year together as 13 to 14 = 1314 = 一生一世. Like that also can!!!

But it’s super meaningful. Just nice Mr Toh has off on 01/01/14. Yay!!!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year all!!!


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