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Wedding Photoshoot

Posted on: December 22, 2013

Bridal studio: Jazz Bridal (or French Bridal)
PG: Charlie
MUA: Annie
Location: Studio, Spottiwoode Park, Sentosa, Singapore Riverside opposite Fullerton
Date: 30/10/2013

This was the evening gown Mr Toh saw and thought it suited me. I’m not a big fan of peach color but this gown was so pretty and cute I couldn’t resist. It got a tonne of compliments during dinner too. =)

In traditional Chinese costumes. The pictures turned out absolutely adorable, if I may say so. Hehe.

The main wedding gown. Fell in love with this at first sight and after trying another gown, I decided on this as I thought it was more unique with the neckline and the 2 colors. I love all the photos taken in this gown!

1 of my fave photos in this album.

Another favourite as well. Thought this was more appropriate for the small coffee table photo frame as we were both looking at the camera.

I love this series taken on the couch too~

I chose this for the big photo frame as I liked that it showed the gown. =D

Casual wear with the shirts bought in JB~~ Very pleased with how this turned out too, the shirt looks great in photos~

“Look at this cute duckie!”

“Oh my, what a big diamond ring!”

“Wow, it’s really gorgeous.”

“Jeng jeng jeng!”

Outside a random house in Spottiwoode Park. The house is so pretty. This mermaid gown was a pain in the ass to walk in but it photographed really nicely! No regrets choosing this!




Didn’t really like the close up outdoor shots as I thought my make up was quite jialat then. But Mr Toh looked good!

I like the feel of this photo too, I look talllll. Hehe.

Very pleased with how the night shots turned out too. Absolutely gorgeous.

Looking at my man.

And a kiss to seal the deal.

Album layouts~

Overall, the photoshoot experience was really fun with a great and patient photographer guiding us. It was a pity we couldn’t choose all the photos due to budget constraint. But still, we’re very pleased with the photos and hoped our friends and relatives like it too. =)


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