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The days leading up to the Wedding

Posted on: December 18, 2013

Met Mr Toh at Chinatown to settle the guo da li stuffs. Shun bian had Sichuan food for dinner!

Food is so so only…their standard dropped. =(
 photo 2013-11-28-20-47-43_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-11-28-20-47-51_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-11-28-20-48-00_photo.jpg

Met the ladies on 05/12 for dinner at Poulet, Raffles City Shopping Centre for bridesmaid meeting~

Mushroom soup, very yummy but I think you get sick of it after a while.
 photo 2013-12-05-19-59-37_photo.jpg

Sausages~~ So so only.
 photo 2013-12-05-20-07-12_photo.jpg

Sauteed mushrooms. This was good, very yummy.
 photo 2013-12-05-20-06-48_photo.jpg

Their famous chicken~ Meat was tender but I didn’t care for the orange sauce though..
 photo 2013-12-05-20-07-02_photo.jpg

Pork belly. This was not good. It was quite tough. We didn’t manage to finish it.
 photo 2013-12-05-20-07-18_photo.jpg

The meetup was good, we got to discuss a lot of things. Really thankful for their help~~

Chris gave me cookies! Thank you! They were yummy! Mr Toh was jealous. Haha. =P
 photo 2013-12-07-15-08-56_photoA.jpg

Guo da li on 02/12. We bought all the stuffs from Amanda Dreamweaver. The guy in charge was quite helpful.

Dowry stuffs~ I love the towels, so pink and fluffy.
 photo 2013-12-12-23-25-15_photo.jpg

Yummy cakes from Gim Thye at $10.80 per box.

Rest of the pictures are with Dad~

Deco went up on 12/12.
 photo 2013-12-12-23-25-56_photo.jpg

Closer look.
 photo 2013-12-12-23-26-10_photo.jpg

We super love this deco, damn cute!
 photo 2013-12-07-19-53-27_photoA.jpg

The day before the wedding, Mummy, Huiyi and I went over to Woodlands to do our hair! As we were using my aunt’s place for the morning tea ceremony, we were gonna stay over at her house.

Before going to her house, I met Mummy and Huiyi at the hair salon to dye my hair~ A bit last minute lah but I had no choice. I super love the color though, reddish brown but not too red. xD

Slept quite late the previous night as we were preparing the gate crashing stuff, chatting and having ice cream that my uncle bought. Hehe. So nice of him~~

1 of the tests for gate crashing: Pick the right key in blocks of ice. Huiyi had an awesome idea to have rainbow colored ice blocks!

So pwetty~~~~ It took us a few tries to get the colors we wanted as the coloring was quite potent and the colors turned out very dark the 1st few times. But we still managed in the end.
 photo 2013-12-13-20-21-46_photo.jpg

Collected my gowns on Thursday~~ I love them!!
 photo 2013-12-13-04-52-38_photo.jpg

Mr Toh sent me to Toa Payoh after we collected the gowns where I had an appointment to do my nails together with Huiyi.

We were doing the nails at Junying‘s place. Got to know of her from Kaykay and I thought her nails were always done nicely.

Asked for pink scallop tips, double hearts and ribbons and this was what she did for me. Also did extensions for 2 of my nails.

It was my first time doing nail extensions and 3D nail art. *suaku* I was amazed by the process, it seems so 神奇 for them to come out from just some liquid and powder.

Total price of $85 was very affordable and really worth it!

Clearer look. I love it all, especially the shimmery pink base. Soo pretty!!

Huiyi did a minty base with gold glitters.

The actual day was a tad of a blur for me…lol.
Was kinda tired but it was really enjoyable at the same time~ Everything was almost perfect. Shall blog about the actual day when I get the photos from the photographer.


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