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Wedding Photoshoot!

Posted on: November 21, 2013

Had our wedding photoshoot on 30/10 (Wed).

It was raining the past couple of days so before we left for the studio, Mr Toh asked me to pray, so I prayed for good weather and for things to proceed smoothly.

Went for breakfast at Ya Kun Sengkang and headed to the studio after that. We were a little late because there was a long queue for the cab. T_T

Proceeded to make up, it took about an hour. T_T The photographer Charlie arrived shortly after that.

It started raining then. We were so scared it wouldn’t stop.

I then changed into the 1st outfit, which was the evening gown.

Ta-daah~~! Now that I’m looking at the photos, I realised I don’t really like this hairstyle. =X

 photo 2013-10-30-11-45-23_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-10-30-11-47-03_photo.jpg

 photo 2013-10-30-11-45-58_photo.jpg

I really like this evening gown. I think it’s very cute and suits me well. It’s also quite shiok to know that I am only the 2nd person to wear this. =P

Mr Toh also have to make up. Hee.

 photo 2013-10-30-11-46-19_photo.jpg

After this, I changed into the wedding gown. I did not regret choosing this gown! Super love it the more I see it!

But I forgot to take a pic of it. I also really loved the hairstyle and accessories that the MUA did for me.

There’s small bling ribbons all around my hair.

 photo 2013-10-30-15-03-11_photo.jpg

A bling flowery headpiece at the side completes the look.

 photo 2013-10-30-15-02-54_photo.jpg

I look so different here. Kinda not used to it. But I love it~!
 photo 2013-10-30-15-03-32_photo.jpg

Next was the casual outfit that we brought along. Bought both shirts together at JB but I had to alter mine as it was originally in a men’s cutting. Cost me $22 for the alteration, but well worth it. Heh.

Again, I forgot to take a pic of my outfit. *sigh* Supposed I will upload the completed photos when we get the soft copy~

I do like my hairstyle and accessory too! Super cute and matches with the bow tie Mr Toh was wearing.

 photo 2013-10-30-15-22-25_photo.jpg

Colleagues and Mom commented my eyes look big here. Of course big lah! Eyeliner so thick and 2 layers of falsies! What you think! If my eyes still look small after all these, I can go bang wall. =X

My, what big eyes you have my dear.
 photo 2013-10-30-15-20-45_deco.jpg

We then took a break and had lunch. Yummy curry rice that Mr Toh bought from Maxwell~

Luckily, the rain stopped just before we were getting ready to head out. I was wearing a white mermaid gown with black lace and brought along the short dress to change into.

After some discussion with PG Charlie, we decided to go to Spottiwoode Park as we kinda like the feel there.

Next was Sentosa where we saw 5 more couples having their shoot too! The scene was pretty funny.

After a few shots, I changed into the shorter gown and I felt so happy that I can walk easily! The mermaid gown was a torture to walk in. T_T

Last stop for the day was the riverbank opposite The Fullerton Hotel as I wanted to take some photos with it. No wedding there nvm, at least got photo! Heh.

We were back at the studio around 8pm, things went really smoothly. We also really liked our PG as he was very good at guiding us because we have no photoshoot experience at all. Heck, we don’t even take much photos of ourselves!

So, this was actually a really lovely experience.

We then went to choose the photos a week later on 07 Nov and we were quite pleased with most of the photos. Due to budget constraints, we only added 2 photos.

Went to see the layout 2 weeks later, confirmed some amendments and it’s done! Now we are waiting to collect the album in Dec~

Took time off yesterday as well to go to Chinatown as his aunt asked me to go down to choose the Si Dian Jin. Feel so blessed, really. We took about 2 hours to choose everything which includes a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring. The total amount came close to $2K. Wow….gold is so expensive nowadays.

What we are left with now are the stuff for guo da li (betrothal), an chuang and the dowry.

Also need to confirm the Emcee as well as the actual day program.

Another small thing to do is to buy the ties for the brothers!

Also caught Thor 2 with Mr Toh, Huiyi and Mom at Nex last week~ It was pretty good, though I do agree that Loki stole the show. Heh.

Next we are waiting for The Hunger Games!

Time sure passes by fast. Countdown 23 more days!!!


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