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No more 铁齿!!

Posted on: October 20, 2013

Finally removed my braces last Friday!! The 1st thing I did when I got home was to brush my teeth. It feels damn weird but also damn shiok at the same time!

People can stop calling me ti key liao!! My teeth is still not perfect though, but Dr Djeng did me a huge favour by removing my braces in time for our photoshoot. He said he was very stressed and had nightmares because of my case. =(

My teeth feels really really weird after 28 months of braces. It feels damn good though to see my teeth being straight! Also, no more rubber bands and food being stuck! Yay!

Really detested the putting on and now removal process of the braces. Also hated the moulding part, I gagged like twice because my throat was very dry (*oops) and Dr Djeng was very reassuring, saying that it will be done soon.

Gonna be collecting the retainer on Monday. Not looking forward to this though but bo bian!

I had a 2nd birthday cake at the office, all thanks to Irene who bought the cake and ta-baoed Sushi Tei for lunch & thanks to Eric for treating~! Thank you my colleagues!!
 photo 2013-10-17-15-01-36_photo.jpg

Eric also gave me a red packet and Royce chocolates!! He’ll always give us red packets but I wasn’t expecting the chocolates. Hehe, so happy~!
 photo 2013-10-17-18-36-45_photo.jpg

Met Mr Toh after work at Nex for dinner~ Had dinner at one of my favourite Jap restaurant, Ichiban Boshi!

Black pepper salmon don
 photo 2013-10-17-20-27-57_photo.jpg

Mentaiko hotate. Yummy but the scallops were very small. T_T
 photo 2013-10-17-20-27-20_photo.jpg

Yellow submarine sushi, essentially fried crabstick and mayo. This was nice!
 photo 2013-10-17-20-32-14_photo.jpg

Mr Toh just told me what he bought for me. Something to do with my hobby. I guessed sleeping 1st, joke lah. Obviously, it’s reading. But he only told me because his order was rejected by the seller. =(
It’s an e-book reader! Oh well.. I’m still very glad that he had the thought. *muacks* Maybe we’ll get his aunt who is in China to buy and bring one over~


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