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Happy Birthday to me~

Posted on: October 16, 2013

1 more day!

This year, we tried a new place for my birthday @ Kian Seng Seafood, recommended by my aunt. The place was huge, with a lot of tables and their location was very accessible too. Very near the expressway exit. However, their food was only so-so. Service was fast though and they were very thoughtful to provide us paper plates & plastic forks for the cake. xD

Kian Seng Seafood
4013 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1
Singapore 569629
Tel: 6458 2552

My delicious chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate, bought by Huiyi. Thank you!!!
 photo 2013-10-13-18-39-06_photo.jpg

Mr Toh asked Mummy if I can eat chocolate cake because I was still coughing. >_<
Mummy said this is an exception cause it's MY birthday cake. Yay~~ Irritating Mr Toh!

Mummy has a new iPad, all thanks to Mr Toh~ He won the iPad in a lucky draw by their supplier, so lucky~

 photo C360_2013-10-11-06-50-56-985.jpg

Been teaching her how to use this to watch her favourite Taiwan shows as well as Candy Crush! Very amusing to see her play & keep asking us for help. Lol. =X

We are not so adept at using Apple products though…so still have to google for apps that are good enough.

Anyway, last Tuesday was my lunar birthday and Mummy cooked mee sua with egg for me~
Added a fictional drumstick with LINE camera app, so cute lah.
 photo 2013-10-11-21-45-22_deco.jpg

Mr Toh suddenly told me on Monday that my present will arrive only next month.

My 1st reaction was, “Present?! I’m getting a present this year? Yay!!!”.

2nd reaction was, “What did you buy for meeeee?” & then, “Why only next month then arrive!?”.


So curious to know what he bought, so tempted to peek at at his browser history but I must not, try not to spoil the surprise for myself. Heh.

The past few days, I will suddenly ask him randomly during our conversations what he buy for me but he never fall for it leh. So smart this guy. LOL.

Am actually very pleased and happy because I was not expecting a present this year at all. What with trying to save $ for our wedding and doing stuff for our house..this was really unexpected.

Really is happy birthday. Heh.


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