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Posted on: October 2, 2013

Blink of an eye and it’s now October!!!

My favourite month but am now down with flu…

October, why you do this to me? =(

Slept super early at 9pm yesterday, wanted to take a nap only initially. But when Mr Toh came back, I realised I was so tired…so when he asked if I wanted to continue sleeping, I said yes.

He thought I had a fever and brought me Panadol but when he took my temperature, it was only 36.8, so no fever, yay~! Love it when Mr Toh is being sweet. =X

Went back to sleep shortly but kept waking up in the middle of the night due to my stupid blocked nose. =(

Took 1 more flu tablet at 4am and went back to sleep, which was when Mr Toh was just getting into bed. Tsk tsk.

Feeling much better today but still sounds like Darth Vader. T_T

Mr Toh just called to check on me, awww, so sweet. =X

He also mentioned that I wasn’t grinding my teeth for the past few weeks. Yay!!! But I’m now snoring instead. Goodness…. Lol. So sorry to my poor Mr Toh.

September was uneventful. Wedding planning is still slow in progress. =X

At least we have already gone down to Peninsula Plaza to do the wedding invitation cards so that’s half done.

After settling the wedding card, we wanted to have dinner at Shabu Shabu Akashabu, Funan IT Mall. But when we got there, we realised they had closed down and another retail shop was in their place. Sad…

Braces progress is still quite slow….next appointment on 09/10, hopefully I will hear good news from Dr Djeng. He said my teeth won’t be perfect and I told him that at least it’s much much better than my old teeth. Wish me luck!!

Taking half day off tomorrow to run some wedding errands with Mr Toh as well as to do facial and maybe removal of the moles on my face.

New laptop from PC fair! Super love my pink mouse, so cute.
 photo C360_2013-09-11-20-41-43-930.jpg

17/09 – After work, I met up with Mr Toh and delivered mooncakes to Ah Gong, Gugu, Dad and Godpa + Godma and future god bro-in-law sent us home after that. So nice of him.

Durian mooncake Mr Toh bought from four seasons. So yummy!! D24 tasted better than Mao Shan Wang though.
 photo C360_2013-09-19-20-26-09-041-1.jpg

Attended Jiahui’s wedding on 21/09. So happy for her!!! It was Char & my first time attending a church wedding. So suaku. Hah. =P

Us! It was also great catching up with Weishu and Candace.
 photo IMG-20130921-WA0003.jpg

Super cute balloon arch at the entrance of the church.
 photo C360_2013-09-21-11-20-55-193.jpg

Pews decorated with pretty flowers.
 photo C360_2013-09-21-11-21-02-543.jpg

Pretty set up of the buffet table.
 photo C360_2013-09-21-13-58-52-049.jpg

Group pic with the bride!
 photo IMG-20130921-WA0006.jpg

 photo IMG-20130921-WA0005.jpg

My heartfelt congratulations to the blissful couple! We love you babe~!

Went shopping with Mummy and Irene + Roxanne last Sat for bridesmaid dress.

Saw a pretty pair of heels but the price tag was not quite justified.
 photo C360_2013-09-28-15-05-05-497.jpg

Roxanne brought us to Saveur at Far East Plaza for lunch. So smart this girl!

Mummy & I shared one entree as we weren’t very hungry.

Roast pork belly with lentils and soft boiled egg.
 photo C360_2013-09-28-15-38-42-916.jpg

This was so so only but the prices are rather affordable. Irene had the duck confit and it was pretty good. So maybe next time I will bring Mr Toh to try~


4 Responses to "October"

I’m so jealous!! U mentioned abt ur future god bro in law.. Yet u never mention your jie.. =(

Bu yao jealous lah~ Just nice he was at home that day and sent us back so shun bian mention him ma~~

Btw.. Advance Happy Birthday!! I’m working night shift now.. So my timing SUCKS.. May forget it on the actual day.. Advance wishes is better than none right? *smile sweetly*

Thank you! Eh, yah advance better than none. *guilty* I’m sorry I forgot your bday this year!! T_T~~~~~

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