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Posted on: July 30, 2013

15/07 was salad day! Unfortunately, I have not yet grasped the way to make a delicious salad. Haha. Think I have to work on the vinaigrette.

Salad with egg, pine nuts, dried cranberries and mandarin orange. Not very nice. Got to practice more. =P
 photo C360_2013-07-15-13-02-24-994.jpg

16/07 was movie day!
Caught Now You See Me with Mr Toh. It was freaking awesome. Very very cool and the ending totally caught me by surprise.

We had dinner at Danro which sucked btw. The food was fresh but nothing was very yummy except for their golden cornflakes which I had with the ice cream. Very crispy and yummy.

Quite sad right, only the cornflakes were worth a mention.

 photo C360_2013-07-16-20-38-40-994.jpg

Cooked pasta for Mummy on 21/07 before I headed to Alex’s Grandpa’s house for his birthday.

With broccoli and tomatoes, doesn’t look very nice to me leh but Mummy very 捧场 and finished it all. Awwww…
 photo C360_2013-07-21-18-12-18-764.jpg

Mr Toh went to JB on 24/07 with Andrew for massage but I couldn’t go due to work.. I badly need a massage too. T_T

He bought this super cute Chopper calendar for me! Maybe to make amends for going to JB without me? =P
 photo C360_2013-07-24-21-57-40-831-1.jpg

27/07 dinner! The clams were a fail though. Too much water and too salty. Bleargh.

 photo C360_2013-07-27-19-01-57-582.jpg

Cooked breakfast on 28/07 for Huiyi, Mummy and Mr Toh!

Full English breakfast! Or something resembling that lah.

Hot dogs, ham, scrambled eggs, omelet, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans and bacon~~~~
 photo C360_2013-07-28-09-53-26-120.jpg

 photo C360_2013-07-28-09-58-23-018.jpg

We also bought tickets to Phantom of the Opera for 28/08!!

Told Mr Toh that they were showing in Singapore and we couldn’t resist!

I am so super excited!! I have always loved their music ever since my music teacher played it for us during music class.

I did not have a chance to watch them the previous time they were here as I was just a poor student.

I am now a poor adult but still…I just had to catch it this time! So, the seats that we wanted was sold out for all the shows up to 1st Sept. T_T

There were still seats we wanted on 28/08 2pm SO! I made the decision to take half day leave for this show.

It will definitely be worth it I think!

I cannot wait!!!! Sooooooo excited!!!


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