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What the haze!

Posted on: June 29, 2013

As you all know, the haze was very bad in Singapore last week, hitting a record 401 on Friday (21/06). Couldn’t even see the PSA cranes outside our windows in the office. T_T

Roadside very hazy on 21.06.13 while on the way to work.
 photo 20130621_080214.jpg

Mr Toh managed to buy the N95 mask on Gmarket and self collected it on Thurs. Lucky! Because the haze got so much worse on Friday.

A tad self conscious wearing the mask but shall not waste Mr Toh’s efforts in getting it. Always be safe than sorry. I am just glad I work indoors although still can smell the haze. T_T

 photo IMG_20130621_072326.jpg

Super hazy on Sat morning too while on my way to Orchard for Dr Djeng’s appointment.
 photo 20130622_090442.jpg

 photo 20130622_090449.jpg

Got to know that there’s Pasar Malam at Cove LRT from our residence FB page so I met Mr Toh there on Monday to walk walk see see~~ Been super long since we’ve been to a pasar malam.

Went crazy buying the food. We bought Taiwan sausages, Ramly burger, fish keropok, samosas, fried honey chicken and fried sweet potato! The pasar malam even sold fried basil chicken with rice and tom yum soup. But sadly, nothing was nice. Only the sweet potatoes were yum.
 photo 20130624_203257.jpg

Cooked lunch last Sunday.

Salmon again, what else?!

Scored the skin so it won’t curl up when pan frying. This time, I pan fried it before I marinated it and put it in the oven.

This was after pan frying, skin still not crispy enough, think the wok wasn’t hot enough.
 photo 20130616_141840.jpg

 photo 20130616_145851.jpg

Also made Portobello mushrooms with bacon and parmesan cheese to go with it.

The stuffing for the mushroom caps. Made with chopped mushroom stems pan fried in butter, bacon and parmesan cheese.
 photo 20130616_142930.jpg

 photo 20130616_143231.jpg

 photo 20130616_145831.jpg

Mummy said it was nice. =D

And a simple side of baked broccoli with garlic.
 photo 20130616_145842.jpg


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