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My lazy June weekends

Posted on: June 10, 2013

The 1st weekend in June, I cooked lunch! Went to the market with Mummy~

Bought 1 whole piece of salmon for myself, Mummy didn’t like it.

Marinated it in the honey soy sauce I used previously. Scored the skin to prevent it from curling when I pan fry it.

 photo 20130601_145915.jpg

I pan fried it 1st before putting it in the oven to try to get the skin crispy. A bit fail because the marinate made the pan start to burn. Quickly took it out before I spoilt the pan. T_T

I bought asparagus and used the potatoes we had at home for a complete meal~

Cut the potatoes in half, salted them, placed them cut side down and roasted them for 30 minutes at 200 deg celsius before I put in the asparagus and salmon. (Took them out at the 15 minute mark to turn them.)

After 30 minutes, I seasoned the asparagus with dill, salt, a bit of oil and chopped garlic and tossed them with the potatoes. It started to smell really lovely!

 photo 20130601_145725.jpg

Push them to the side of the roasting pan to make way for my salmon.

Put them back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes, depending on how big the salmon is.

 photo 20130601_152939-1.jpg

The presentation looks nice ma?? I quite proud of myself cause I think it’s pretty yummy. Wahahaha. Super duper full after this meal because the salmon was huge. *slurps*

Cooked dinner  too~

BBQ chicken wings! (Previously attempted here)

Halfway done, nice color already although the marinate on the tray was burnt. I ran out of aluminum foil and had to scrub the tray like mad later on. Tsk.
 photo 20130601_201158.jpg

Looks much nicer this time but Mr Toh said the taste is not as nice though. T_T *sigh*
 photo 20130601_203143.jpg

French beans with fried tofu.

Very simple ingredients~
 photo 20130601_193116.jpg

Final dish! I thought it was quite good! =P
 photo 20130601_203218.jpg

I get quite scared at home when it starts raining sometimes.

Just look at the clouds! Like a scene out of some end of the world movie like that.
 photo 20130601_161436.jpg

Got woken up by the Sun on Sunday. Really is SUNday sia. LOL.

So pretty~
 photo 20130602_071900.jpg

Went with Mummy and Huiyi to pray to Daddy in the morning. After that, we went to Tampines Mall to eat and walk walk. Saw Irene there, what a coincidence.

Bought some stuff at Watsons~

Yoga Mat, John Freida hair serum and redeemed my points for their travel tote too! Been eyeing this tote since I saw their promo. Heh. Very lovely color and quite good quality too.
 photo 20130602_134311.jpg

Mummy wanted to sit down and rest her feet so we decided to have Mos Burger. Went in, sat down and queued up only to realise that we were at Soup Spoon instead of Mos Burger. Quickly got out of there before anyone noticed. But I think we were too obvious because we were laughing like mad. Super funny.

Went to 1 Altitude with colleagues last Friday to celebrate Suling’s last day. So sad that she is leaving as she has been here as long as I have. *sigh*

I was supposed to be at Laopa’s house for Keqing’s birthday celebration but I didn’t know it until the night before and it was too late to cancel with my colleagues.. Tsk. Mr Toh forgot to tell me….hai…..

Met them for Hangover 3 after that instead at Nex but erm, I had a tad too much to drink and basically was sleeping through the whole movie. =X

On Saturday morning, my uncle’s colleagues came to fix the window grilles~ After that, we went to Bugis to pray and buy some Buddha stuff. There was a lot of people due to it was the 1st day of the lunar month.

Then, we headed to Ikea and bought the curtain rails, like finally! By the time we got home, Mr Toh only had time to fix the rails in Mummy’s room, still got to source for the curtains though~

At night, we headed out to Jalan Kayu for our super late dinner. Such a fun day~~

On Sunday, Mummy went out for a while with my aunts while I stayed at home and cleared my housework backlog. Stayed in for dinner qhile Mr Toh bought pizza home for dinner~


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