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Hokkaido Winter Trip Part 6 – 5th Dec 2012

Posted on: May 16, 2013

Hot tea in the morning~
 photo 05-12-001.jpg

 photo 05-12-002.jpg

OFTD for the day~
 photo 05-12-0015.jpg

We went walking around the airport shopping area~

Fresh milk in glass bottle, the bottle so nice I almost wanted to steal it. =X
 photo 05-12-0058.jpg

Super cute One Piece watche, would love to buy it but too cutesy already.
 photo 05-12-0057-4.jpg

Almost wanted to buy this as well but I realised there’s nowhere to hang at home.
 photo 05-12-0057-2.jpg

The tour guide brought us shopping at the duty free outlet near the airport, Rera Chitose Outlet Mall. Shopping time!

 photo 05-12-0041.jpg

Took a pic of the shuttle bus timings so we don’t miss the bus back to the airport~!
 photo 05-12-0042.jpg

Saw this lady with so many dogs, so cute! There were a lot of shops selling dog stuff but quite expensive.
 photo 05-12-0045.jpg

Lunch @ Mos Burger! Nearing Christmas so the shops were all decked out in Christmas decorations, so got feel!
 photo 05-12-0046.jpg

 photo 05-12-0047.jpg

Milk tea, add your own milk and sugar~
 photo 05-12-0052.jpg

Corn soup served in a proper bowl, quite amazed by this. *suaku*
 photo 05-12-0051.jpg

My fish burger~ Got hooked on fish in Japan. o.O
 photo 05-12-0053.jpg

Fried chicken. So-so only.
 photo 05-12-0054.jpg

The meal worked out to be around SGD$20 for the 2 of us. Not very cheap, slightly more expensive than Singapore.
 photo 05-12-0048.jpg

One Piece puzzles at duty free outlets. Really quite cheap! Wanted to buy 1 back to SG for our home but I couldn’t decide.
 photo 05-12-0057-1.jpg

 photo 05-12-0057-5.jpg

 photo 05-12-0057-6.jpg

 photo 05-12-0057-7.jpg

Ramen shop that the tour guide introduced to us.
 photo 05-12-0043.jpg

Not bad lah but I find the meat portion too big and very jelat after a while so I couldn’t finish it. It’d be perfect for Mr Toh though. Heh. This was perfect for the weather though~
 photo 05-12-0057.jpg

 photo 05-12-0055.jpg

Hot vending machine at our hotel lobby! Zann tried the fried rice I think, like not bad. The last hotel we stayed at was the Air Terminal Hotel. The rooms here were smaller but still clean.
 photo 05-12-10021.jpg

Bought this cheesecake at the last minute before boarding the plane because I wanted it to be as fresh as possible for my Mr Toh!
 photo 05-12-0010023.jpg

It was awesome, really good and very fragrant!

There’s a charging station at the boarding area, so considerate. xD
 photo 05-12-0010023-1.jpg

Byebye Japan~ I will miss you!

 photo 05-12-10022.jpg

Airplane food that came in a wooden box. Very pretty packing.
 photo 05-12-0010024.jpg

 photo 05-12-0010025.jpg

Looks great right?! But cold bento I don’t like. I felt that only the egg was nice. T_T
 photo 05-12-0010027.jpg

And that ends our adventure in Hokkaido. I cannot wait to go back seriously. Thoroughly enjoyed our time there, not to mention this was my first time seeing snow. Shiok.

Thank you Hokkaido for your hospitality. I love you!! I will be back. ❤


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