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Happy Birthday to Mummy!!

Posted on: May 13, 2013

Yay, today is my Mummy’s birthday! Pre-celebrated her birthday yesterday together with Mothers’ Day~ Every year, we get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Hehehe.

Brought Mummy to this zi char stall at Ang Mo Kio. Chose AMK because it was more convenient for Da-sao~~ I’ve seen good reviews so I thought it was worth a try.

When we reached, there was sooo many people! But luckily, because I had placed a reservation, there was a table reserved for us. I heard them turning away people who arrived earlier but didn’t place reservations. Whew!

Browsed through the menu and ordered our food. But it was gonna be at least an hour’s wait for the food. Still, we weren’t rushing anywhere after dinner so we waited.

Ordered a total of 6 dishes. No pictures because we were starving by the time the food came.

Dong Po Rou (pork belly) – Medium $18 (IIRC)
Not bad! The pork was well braised and the fats melted in the mouth and the sauce was flavourful but not too salty. Came with a side of vegetables as well.

Deep-fried Prawn Ball with Pumpkin and Butter Sauce – Medium $23
Their signature dish, this was awesome. Mr Toh who is allergic to prawns ate a 2nd prawn after trying 1. This is how I know it’s really good. He won’t risk his throat being itchy for nothing. The prawns were crispy and the sauce was awesome. Addictive and not overly jelat. Also came with a side of kai lan stems. Yum~~

Stir Fried Kailan with Garlic – Small $9 (IIRC)
Normal, at least the veg was well cooked and tender. Much better than what we had at Ding Tai Fung. Hahaha!

Beancurd with Conpoy and Golden Mushroom – Medium $10 (IIRC)
Super love the beancurd!! The bottom of the beancurd was crispy and had the nice fragrant smell (ehm, don’t really know how to describe it), you have to try it~

Salted Egg Yolk Crab – $65
This was a tad expensive I felt as there was only 1 crab but it was biiig! The crabs were being sold at a fixed price, there was a range of prices from $50 plus to $70 plus and I chose the $65 one. Thought that the crab was just nice for the 6 of us, 1 piece each.
Mummy commented the crab was very fresh and the flesh was firm. Thumbs up~!

Thai Style Butter Sotong – $10
This was the last dish to arrive, by then we were stuffed because the dishes came at intervals. T_T But we still finished it! Proves how good it was. Crispy and yummy.

While making payment, the cashier was very apologetic for the long wait. Mr Toh asked if they were expecting this crowd and she said that they were featured in the newspaper but didn’t know it and were caught off guard by the huge crowd. She then said the white rice (S$3) will be FOC as way of apology for the long wait. (Mummy say so little! LOL!)

Total damage was $135. Overall, I enjoyed the food but the wait was really too long. However I will not hesitate to return on normal days. This is a stall worth trying! Great customer service as well, very smiley and friendly even with the huge crowd ytd.

Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood
Blk 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1690
Singapore 560202
Tel: 91516798

Huiyi bought a strawberry shortcake from Rive Gauche, it’s soooo pretty! Cake was fluffy and moist too. A bit too much cream though but still delish~ We only had it after our meal so Mr Toh asked the staff if they could hold it in the fridge for us and they gladly did, they also switched off the fan above our table so we could light the candle. I love the good service here!

 photo 20130512_203144.jpg

Leah~~ She was glued to her ipad almost the whole evening. She has quite a few expressions, super cute lah!
 photo 20130512_185447.jpg

 photo 20130512_185452.jpg

 photo 20130512_185646.jpg

 photo 20130512_185653.jpg

 photo 20130512_185722.jpg

 photo 20130512_185731.jpg

 photo 20130512_191004.jpg

 photo 20130512_191008.jpg

Occasionally, she will also smile to herself while watching but I didn’t manage to snap a picture of it. Super cute. Very naughty girl also. She doesn’t really like to call us but when Dasao asked her where is Ah Ma, she pointed at Mummy. Lol.

Only left the coffeeshop at 9pm, whoa. So tired. Tired from waiting. T_T

Went to the market @ Punggol Plaza with Mummy on Saturday to do some grocery shopping. Told her I felt like cooking salmon and she said “喜欢吃就买咯.” =D Cooked it asian style to suit Mummy’s tastebuds as she’s also afraid of the fishy smell.

Lovely orange color, fresh from NTUC. Lol.
 photo 20130511_131803.jpg

Marinated it in a combination of honey, soy sauce, ginger, brown sugar, garlic and onion.
Recipe Source
 photo 20130511_140816.jpg

Brought the salmon camping, here’s the tent for it. =P
 photo 20130511_150411.jpg

Ta daah! A little overcooked but very yummy, not dry at all and sauce was awesome. But. Mummy is still not used to the smell so she ate a little only. I got to finish everything else!
 photo 20130511_154739.jpg

I actually preferred the skin to be crispy but didn’t want to pan fry it and stink up the whole kitchen so I used the oven instead.

Maybe next week then fry salmon before I wipe the kitchen cabinets~

Also cooked sweet potato fries which were a failure. *sigh* Too dry and too hard. That’ll be the last time I attempt this, next time, I will just steam it. xD
 photo 20130511_154743.jpg

My to-do list was so long on Saturday. Luckily I am a good multi tasker. AHAHAHA!

Changed and washed bedsheets.
Put bleach in the toilet bowls for it to work its magic.
While the bedsheet was washing, I prepared the food for lunch.
Popped the food to cook in the oven then ironed Mr Toh’s shirts while periodically checking on the food.
Ate lunch then hanged the bedsheets.
Vacuumed and mopped the bedrooms + living room while Mummy was preparing the food for dinner.
Washed the toilet bowls and scrubbed the toilet floors.
Took a break.
After Mummy finished cooking, swept and mopped the kitchen floor.

Whewwww~!! Was trying so hard to finish doing everything so that I won’t need to do much on Sunday, can rest!

Yummy dinner on Saturday. The braised pork was better than the previous time, more tender!
 photo 20130511_194851.jpg

Fried baby kailan with sliced pork and mushrooms.
 photo 20130511_194834.jpg

Onion egg~ Mr Toh said this would be even better if we had added tomatoes.
 photo 20130511_194839.jpg

I would love nothing more than to sit in front of the computer all day, play games and watch my TV shows but I don’t.


Because I have responsibilities now. It’s my home and I want it to be clean and cozy, a home that we will want to return to.

It’s not easy maintaining a home on top of our jobs so I need help. I need all the help I can and I am ever so grateful to Mummy who’s been ever so helpful.

She’s also been the one who taught me the values of being a good wife as she used to juggle housework and her work. As well as the importance of standing by your man.

Yesterday I also learned that my grandpa (dad’s dad) used to own a durian farm together with my grand uncle. O.o No wonder I love durians! Hahahah~

Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend. Feeling super accomplished and happy from the wonderful food~


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