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Mothers’ Day is coming!

Posted on: May 9, 2013

Mothers’ Day is coming~ May is the month of broke for me, what with Mothers’ Day + Mummy’s birthday and Mr Toh’s birthday. T_T But at least we can combine her birthday and Mothers’ Day. That means 1 less present! Muahaha. =X

Starting with a lovely picture of my cute mom. We were at the waterway opposite our place after visiting the food expo with our relatives earlier that day (28/04).
 photo 20130428_175017.jpg

Brought Mummy to try DTF the other day on 04/05. She remarked the xiao long baos were so so only. But the fried rice and pork rib soup were still good!

Almond pudding with black sesame paste. Didn’t try this but the sesame paste was quite nice though Mr Toh hated it.
 photo 20130504_182628.jpg

Mango Pudding. Not bad.
 photo 20130504_182736.jpg

Been busy during weekends doing housework and accompanying Mummy. =D

Some random things I bought over the weekend!

Purple handphone casing~
 photo 20130507_191032.jpg

Super love the lighter shade of purple of the case inside!
 photo 20130507_191304.jpg

$15 shoes from Bata! Comfy too!
 photo 20130507_191100.jpg

Wanted to buy a bag for Mummy but she’s pickier than me when buying bags so end up she got a pair of shoes instead, after more than half an hour browsing Metro @ Compass Point. =X

Good deals at Metro as it was Mr Toh’s birthday month so we had 20% discount off blue tag items! Mr Toh went on a shopping spree, buy pants lah, buy belt, underwear, socks lah. Good deal~~

Also went and rebonded our hair on Sun at the salon near our home. Goodness, I becoming more auntie liao!! Damage was $340 for me and Mummy.

The salon was Hairplus @ Punggol Damai. Hmmmmm. Service not very good. The guy attending to me was quite rough, especially during washing & combing of my hair. I also felt he didn’t do a good job flat ironing my hair. He did it in big sections so he was done very fast. Tsk. Results so so only. =(

Initially Mummy wanted to go to Kian Seng Seafood but for Mothers’ Day, they are only accepting tables for their set menu. Their dishes weren’t very exciting so we decided not to patronise them.

So, I looked around on the web and booked a table at Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood.

Pretty good reviews I saw online so decided to give this a try. Hope they won’t disappoint!


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