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Posted on: April 16, 2013

Cooked minced pork for Mr Toh’s dinner on Friday. However it was too salty at some parts! Hahaha, poor Mr Toh!! I promise to improve ok?? *muacks*

Didn’t do much over the weekend. Went with Mummy to the newly opened Giant supermarket near our home. It’s a little small but still has more things than the NTUC nearby.

Then in the evening, our neighbour invited us to their housewarming buffet. Mummy gave them a small red packet. Their parents were very friendly but we were quite paiseh. Hah… But thankful we have nice neighbours lah~~

My healthy breakfast on Sunday! But…the brand of yoghurt I tried was too sour for my liking. T_T Must take note not to buy that brand, Pauls Yoghurt in future.

 photo 20130414_100148.jpg

Mr Toh and I then went out, we were heading to Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery to pay our respects to his Mummy for Qing Ming.

Before that, we went to the joss paper shop near Gugu’s shop to buy offerings and we had such a hard time getting a cab after that. T_T Sunday + rainy weather = damn difficult to get cabs. Tsk.

We then had lunch at Sakhon Thai for Dad’s belated birthday celebration!

We ordered 2 plates each of many many different dishes and 3 plates each of the pineapple fried rice, olive fried rice and pad thai.

The food was good! We thought it was delicious, especially the fried olive rice, green curry, basil minced pork and honey chicken!

We thought the final bill would be a bomb but it was only about $200 for 9 adults. Quite value for money!

Sakon Thai
152 Serangoon North Avenue 1
Tel: 62888225

We shopped around there for a while and bought a few household items, then headed home after that.

Later that night, we had pizza for dinner! Huiyi came and bought dinner for Mummy but Mr Toh and me were still too full so we only had pizza later.

This brand of frozen pizza is quite nice!! Quite a lot of ingredients and tastes good too after toasting. Yummeh~~

 photo pizza.jpg

Yesterday Mummy cooked again, winter melon soup with pork ribs and fried pork in soya sauce. Yum yum!

Went to Vivo after work to buy bread and cheese and I saw the Twelve Cupcakes store! So excited in my heart that there was no queue and there was still red velvet cupcakes. Hahaha!

 photo 20130415_214537.jpg

Re-enacted the scene for Mr Toh when he came back, hahaha, he said he know why I fasterly hurried to buy the bread and cheese first because I may forget everything in my Twelve Cupcakes excitement. Hee. =P

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday too, my gum is hurting and bled when I used the inter dental brush. =( Wondering if I should go see Dr Djeng…I think I should try using floss to see if it’s food stuck or not bah. Mr Toh was very sweet yesterday too when he knew, keep sayang-ing me and asking me to go sleep because I seemed very sian.

He checked my teeth but didn’t see anything there. He did mention the braces wire seemed a bit long, maybe that is what is bothering my gums? Hmmm…see how first bah.

After Mr Toh had his dinner, he wanted to watch Braveheart.

He was explaining the storyline to Mummy but his stomach was also hurting but he die die want to finish explaining the storyline before going to the toilet so he was like fidgeting and jumping around on the spot. Made Mummy laugh like mad….LOL. So cute lah my Mr Toh.

Love him to bits!


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