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Over the weekend

Posted on: April 12, 2013

04/04 was Dad-in-law’s birthday but we did not celebrate as it was Qing Ming. We did share to buy him a G-Shock watch though for him to use daily while working.

We met Wensheng and Huimin for dinner too before going back to Dad’s house.

Salmon belly set at MOF. Get in my belly!! Quite yummy but I still prefer Ichiban Boshi.
 photo 20130404_202229.jpg

Nothing happening much the past weekend except I went tomb sweeping with Mummy on Sat and Sun.

Saturday, we headed to the temple in Bedok (San Qing Gong) to pray to daddy’s ancestral tablet. After that, we went to Tai Yang Gong to pray as well. While coming out, the skies were so cloudy and the wind so strong. It started drizzling as well so I took out my umbrella. But the wind was so strong that my umbrella folded over!! Luckily it was only a short walk to the bus stop and my umbrella didn’t spoil.

It was a long journey there…but much shorter one coming back. Did not realise there were buses from Punggol Interchange. Stupid Google maps. =X

Anyway, we stopped at Tampines Blk 139 on the way back to buy some groceries and more stuff for praying on Sunday. Also shared a bowl of lor mee with Mummy, the stall was at the hawker and quite popular. It was surprisingly good considering I have not touched lor mee for years. They were very generous with the fish meat as well. Apparently, the hawker & market there will be closed for renovations till June 2013.

We then went home and cooked soup for dinner~

Can you guess what soup I am cooking? It’s ABC soup also known as luo song tang. A very easy soup to cook, only that the different ingredients has different hardness so you have to put them in separately at different timings.

 photo 20130406_162105.jpg

1st, boil the pork ribs in water for a few minutes in a small pot and pour that water away. Mummy says this is because pork isn’t very clean.

Then add clean water to the pot you are boiling the soup in then add in the boiled pork ribs and corn. I used the smallest flame.

 photo 20130406_163605.jpg

2. By right, after about 30mins, you should add in the carrots. For me, I will be using a thermo pot after everything is added so I put in the carrots after only 10 mins. (I didn’t want the ingredients to be too soft cooking in the thermo pot.)

 photo 20130406_164456.jpg

3. After another 10mins, I added in the tomatoes and onions.

 photo 20130406_165411.jpg

I let the soup continue boiling for a while more before I transferred the pot to the thermo pot. Very useful this thermo pot. The stuff will continue cooking but no need to use gas, save $! Then when we wanted to eat it at night, we take the inner pot out to heat up and it’s ready! Everything is also nicely cooked. Awesome!

Tadahhhh final result! Really everything is prepared, chopped and cooked by me ok! Heehee.

 photo IMG_20130406_191039.jpg

Saw a lot of people flying LED kites that night! Tried to take pictures but erm, lousy handphone camera cannot make it.  They look like specks of dust. Lol.

 photo 20130406_211423.jpg

 photo 20130406_211436.jpg

On Sunday, Wilson sent Huiyi, me and Mummy to Mandai for tomb sweeping. Mr Toh had to work though. Before that, we had century egg and pork porridge at home cooked by Mummy! Yummmmmy!

We got caught in the jam…tsk. Luckily, everything was finished by 1pm and we headed back to Punggol for lunch. Ate at Ah Dong teahouse because I have the $10 voucher~

My parmesan chicken burger. Hmm. Not bad lah but not enough sauce.
 photo 20130407_133334.jpg

Our housewarming gift from Wensheng & Huimin! They got us 6 of these! Gorgeous double walled glasses! Not cheap ok…we were so shocked and so thankful!

 photo 20130406_195042.jpg

The only place in our home with carpentry/renovation done. Heh. 1 of my favourite places in our home.

 photo 20130406_162340.jpg

 photo 20130406_162541.jpg

I tell you, that wooden stool is a god send! There is a step that is folded under the stool itself that can be folded out and it becomes a small ladder. It is more stable than a ladder itself. Awesome to use for kitchens~~ Especially ours with all the tall cabinets that I couldn’t reach. =D

Took a day leave on Tuesday 09/04 to accompany Mummy for her checkup. Everything went better than expected. =)

We headed to Bugis to buy dried foodstuffs and to pray as well. Headed back to Nex after that to catch Saving General Yang! Before the movie, we had prata because we were hungry!

The movie was pretty awesome. Love the cast except for Wu Zun…his acting still cannot make it. Oh well, lots of other eye candies but what a sad ending. =( But still worth catching~

While buying tickets, the guy at the counter asked for my student card. Whoa! Lol! So happy sia!! Hahahahha! Been a while since I was asked that. ROFL.

Then headed to NTUC for grocery shopping~~ Wee! And then it’s home to make sandwich for dinner. Heh.

My grilled ham & cheese sandwich. Woot! I layered the cheese and ham between the bread as usual and buttered the outside of the top slice. Heat up a pan, add butter and place the sandwich on the pan, with the bottom side facing down. Flip over once that side is golden brown and take the sandwich out once the other side is done too~~

I didn’t have a problem with the ham not being hot enough, probably because my ham was thin. And my cheese was so melty. YUMMEH!

 photo 20130409_222354.jpg

Really saving a lot of $ by bringing my own breakfast from home. Sometimes breakfast cereal with milk, sometimes kueh, sometimes baos or sandwiches. Love it~~

Some random conversations between Mr Toh and me.

Mr Toh was supposed to wait for me at Hougang after my work but he said he remembered he had more important things to do.
I asked what was more important than me?! (I was only kidding)
But he said: Nothing is more important than you~ It’s just that compared to waiting, the stuff at home was more important.
Awww… Lol!

Yesterday at home, Mr Toh suddenly came up to me in the bedroom and told he his older brother was 51 years old. I was like….”what older brother?!” Turns out he was referring to 杜德伟 revealing his age on this TV show he was watching. Lame lor!! Mr Toh’s chinese name only differs from his by 1 word, so he always said that 杜德伟 is his older brother. Funny huh. Lol~


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