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New home!

Posted on: April 2, 2013

So yup, we moved in officially on 22nd March!

It’s been 1 week plus and I have to say that I love my home!

There’s so many things to do for your own home though. Just last Sunday, I washed the toilets. Believe it or not, it was my 1st time ever washing a toilet! It has always been done by my Mummy at home and then by the maid at his grandpa’s house. But now, I have to take responsibility. xD

Mummy’s settling in fine too. She struck 4D the next Monday after moving in and she was so happy that day. Heh. So cute.

Went back to work on 25/03 Monday after 2 days leave.
Reached Harbourfront really early so I had time to sit down and enjoy a good breakfast.

 photo 20130325_0747188.jpg

We went for a short walk and dinner at Punggol End on Mon 25/03 after I got off work. We tried the food at Ah Dong Teh House. Mummy’s sheng mian was yummy, so was the fried tofu with pork floss. Mr Toh’s curry chicken was so-so but my mac & cheese was the WORST. Very weird taste. We did feedback to a guy who seemed to be the manager and he was very receptive and also told us that they will try a new sauce for the mac & cheese. Next time we’ll go back and give it another try. Service was not bad, environment was awesome of cause.

Sis-in-law came over on Sat with Jiaxi. She’s growing up so fast. She was so shy at first when she just reached, but after we came back from buying lunch, she was running around the whole place. Haha, so cute!

 photo 20130330_163545.jpg
 photo 20130330_163540.jpg

What I found when unpacking. This was in 2006……7 years ago. OMFG. We were so young and pretty. And still is ok!
 photo 20130324_155244.jpg

Lunch 1 day at office. Super healthy brown rice with yummy chicken soup!
 photo 27marlunch.jpg

Received my Vanity Trove 2 weeks ago. I like their box, it’s good quality! Items were so-so I think.

 photo 20130325_213101.jpg

 photo 20130325_213115.jpg

The items inside. I gave the ROC cream to Mummy to try. I super love the new Burberry perfume! It’s so nice!
 photo 20130325_213215.jpg

On Sat, Mr Toh and me had to wake up at 3am in order to be at Dad’s place by 4am. Why so early? We were beating the crowd for Qing Ming Tomb Sweeping at Lim Chu Kang cemetery. Goodness. So early…but at least there was no jam and we were out of there by the time security showed up to block cars & regulate traffic. Woot!

So, by the time we got back home, it was about 8am. We went to sleep at 9:30am as we were so tired… I woke up at about 12plus, just in time for lunch that Huiyi bought over~~

She also bought chocolate eggs for Easter. Not that we celebrate but why reject chocolate?

The packaging is very cute, like real eggs in a carton box. Pretty yummy too!
 photo 20130331_154441.jpg

My 2nd uncle and aunt came over on Sunday to visit and they bought groceries for Mummy. Got fish, got vegetables, etc. Heh. So funny but so thoughtful lah.

So Mummy cooked dinner yesterday! She wanted to steam the fish but our plates were too big for the steaming insert so Mummy suggested to use oven to steam!

I had to google how to steam a fish in an oven though!

1. Preheat the oven~ I preheated it at about 220degree celsius (that’s about my oven’s maximum) for 10 mins.

During the oven heating time, clean the fish and lay out the fish + ingredients on the baking tray. You will need 2 pieces of aluminum foil for this, 1 piece needs to be longer by about 20 cm.

 photo 20130401_200214.jpg

We used tomatoes and ginger slices. Then mixed a sauce of sesame oil + bean paste + soya sauce and poured that around the fish.

2. Put the longer piece of aluminum foil over the fish and fold in all the edges tightly. This will create a tent like package with space in between so the fish can cook in it’s own steam.

 photo 20130401_200748.jpg

3. Put it in the oven! I set the timer for 20 mins.

 photo 20130401_201509.jpg

4. And ta-daaah! But I didn’t fold one of the sides tight enough, so some juices were leaking. T_T

But I have to say the result was awesome! The fish was nicely cooked and not dry. YUMMY!

 photo 20130401_203859.jpg

Very healthy meal together with the bittergourd soup Mummy cooked in the afternoon. xD Love it~
 photo 20130401_203942.jpg

Have been getting into the habit of bringing my own breakfast from home. Daphne said I’m becoming more like a housewife. Ahahaha.

Today’s breakfast. HL milk + Kellog’s corn flakes with dried strawberries. Yummeh~~
 photo 20130402_081138.jpg

It feels really good to finally own our own home. I love everything about it! Even the stupid white tiles that gets dirty so easily. *sigh*


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