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Moving soon!

Posted on: March 19, 2013

Moving house soon that is. It turns out that we only have this Friday to move as that is the only auspicious date before it is Qing Ming (Tomb Sweeping Festival). Mummy need to hand over her flat to the new tenants on 01st April so we must move within this month. T_T

This Friday, we are also moving my dad’s tablet to the temple in Bedok. So…me and mummy will be at the temple while Mr Toh will be at our new home because the auspicious timing is the same! *faints*

Also almost forgot to arrange for Citygas to turn on the gas..just contacted them today morning, hope they can come on Friday morning.

Last Thursday, we caught Warm Bodies at Nex! Mr Toh was waiting for it to screen ever since he saw the trailer. The story seems interesting enough. Heh.


With much of the future world’s population rendered into an undead horde, R is a young, and oddly introspective, zombie. On a feeding encounter with a human gathering party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her. What happens with that is the beginnings of a strangely warm relationship that causes R to start to regain his humanity. As this change spreads throughout the undead population, Julie and R eventually find they are facing a larger issue even as their friendship is challenged. Caught between the paranoid human forces and the ferocious Bonie zombies who are a mutual threat, R and Julie must find a way to bridge the sides to fight for a better world no one thought possible


I really liked this show. Even though I thought some parts were really ridiculous, it was also really funny. Very heartwarming too (watch the show and you’ll get the pun. xP).

There’s also a lesson to be learnt here.

There was a scene where R was thinking how good it was before the virus happened and there was a flashback but all it showed were people focused on their mobile phones with no interaction at all. And all it took to start curing them was seeing R & J holding hands. So what does that teach you? I think it’s telling us we need more human interaction because we’ve become so attached to our phones & technology that we are almost becoming zombie-like.

So, get off your phones and hug the person beside you! And do catch this movie, I think it’s quite worth watching~

On Sat, I was woken up quite early by a few work phone calls. T_T Luckily I managed to fall back asleep as I was really tired….but we overslept. Wanted to go home early to clean up, end up we only woke up at 2pm plus & I only woke up after Mr Toh woke me up. Lol…that is quite rare for me leh. Think I was really too tired.

So, we went back to dust and clean the house. Whole house was SO dusty because the electrical uncle hacked a bit of the ceiling to conceal the wires. T_T

On Sunday, Wilson came specially to send us to Mummy’s place as we needed to pass her the boxes for packing. So nice of him!!

After that, we met Wensheng & gf at Takashimaya to look at kitchen ware & bedlinen. We bought a set of WMF kitchen pots and pans + Corelle dinnerware from Taka. Did you know they provide delivery service to your home if you purchase S$150 & above? We didn’t know that until Wensheng told us. *suaku* Haha. Most departmental stores provide a service like that.
We continued on to Robinson’s where we bought other stuff like cutlery and they also have this service! The feeling is very shiok, to buy so many things but no need to carry any of it home, can continue shopping. Hahahaha.

In the end, we didn’t buy any bedlinen as we had already saw a set we liked at Isetan Nex so Mr Toh went and bought it yesterday.

I then met him at Suntec after work to collect the free 39inch Samsung LED TV which came free with the Samsung washing machine we bought from Goh Ah Bee (Promotion ended already.). But no stock…hai, forgot to call before going down. So we went walking around, trying to find rice bin, normal kettle and airpot to keep hot water warm but these items are really hard to find. T_T

We ended up buying an iron, then went back Punggol to put our stuff. Next stop: Sheng Siong! Bought groceries like salt, oil, soya sauce etc as we are gonna be cooking dinner on Friday! 1st meal in new house very important according to Aunt, must have fish and dunno what else. =X

Gonna be taking leave on Thurs and Fri to settle everything. Jiayou jiayou jiayou!!

Really looking forward to having our own home!!


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