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Hokkaido Winter Trip Part 5 – 4th Dec 2012

Posted on: March 18, 2013

1st stop of the day. Seafood market!! I bought dried scallops here for Mummy, big & fresh!
 photo 04-12-001.jpg

This is the real fresh scallop.
 photo 04-12-002.jpg

Big fish. I um, kinda forgot what kind of fish this is. I *think* it’s salmon?
 photo 04-12-003.jpg

On the way to our next stop. It was raining. =(

 photo 04-12-004.jpg

 photo 04-12-005.jpg

 photo 04-12-006.jpg

Asahi factory tour.

 photo 04-12-007.jpg

 photo 04-12-008.jpg

 photo 04-12-009.jpg

 photo 04-12-0010.jpg

 photo 04-12-0011.jpg

Super huge tank used in brewing beer.
 photo 04-12-0012.jpg

 photo 04-12-0013.jpg

Our cute guide who can walk backwards so professionally.
 photo 04-12-0014.jpg

 photo 04-12-0015.jpg

Apparently, this tank of beer was enough to feed one person for many many many years. I forgot how many exactly. T_T
 photo 04-12-0016.jpg

New spokespersons for Asahi. Hee.
 photo 04-12-0018.jpg

Seriously, can I have my hair back?
 photo 04-12-0019.jpg

Delicious, fresh beer.
 photo 04-12-0020.jpg

We had crackers to accompany the beer. Yum.
 photo 04-12-0021.jpg

 photo 04-12-0022.jpg

They had a whole range of other beverages too.
 photo 04-12-0023.jpg

I tried the coffee. Not bad lah. But I thought their beer was better. Hahaha.
 photo 04-12-0024.jpg

Me with the cute guide~ Looking a little red from the beer. Tsk.
 photo 04-12-0025.jpg

 photo 04-12-0026.jpg

Lunchtime! DIY tempura.

 photo 04-12-0028.jpg

 photo 04-12-0029.jpg

Soup that came with it~
 photo 04-12-0030.jpg

 photo 04-12-0031.jpg

 photo 04-12-0032.jpg

 photo 04-12-0033.jpg

 photo 04-12-0034.jpg

 photo 04-12-0035.jpg

After lunch, we went shopping! I think we went to the Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima.

 photo 04-12-0038.jpg

 photo 04-12-0039.jpg

Weird shape packaged cheese.
 photo 04-12-0040.jpg

Our room for that night. The rooms here are slightly smaller but still very clean.
 photo 04-12-0041.jpg

Boxes of snacks to bring back home. One box each for me and Zann. We may have overbought. =X
 photo 04-12-0042.jpg

 photo 04-12-0043.jpg

Every room had this freshener. I love how the Japanese pay attention to small details.
 photo 04-12-0044.jpg

 photo 04-12-0045.jpg

 photo 04-12-0046.jpg

Out for dinner, this is a part of their foodcourt.
 photo 04-12-0047.jpg

Decided to have Freshness Burger!
Waiting for our food. Their beeper is different from the usual ones, looks like a remote control.
 photo 04-12-0048.jpg

 photo 04-12-0049.jpg

Super adorable kids’ corner.
 photo 04-12-0050.jpg

Burgerrrrr & milk tea!
 photo 04-12-0051.jpg

We went shopping after that~
 photo 04-12-0052.jpg

Lots of capsule machines but I didn’t spend any money on them. Take pictures can liao! *cheapo*

Chopper/Hello Kitty. I don’t like Hello Kitty but this is too cute.
 photo 04-12-0053.jpg

 photo 04-12-0054.jpg

 photo 04-12-0055.jpg

 photo 04-12-0056.jpg

The capsule machine is so pretty.
 photo 04-12-0059.jpg

 photo 04-12-0061.jpg

 photo 04-12-0060.jpg

Singaporeans’ favourite shop.
 photo 04-12-0058.jpg

 photo 04-12-0065.jpg

Super cute red packets we found in Daiso.
 photo 04-12-0062.jpg

I found a shop named Cantik! Thought that was pretty cool esp in Japan. xD
 photo 04-12-0057.jpg

Giant calbee potato sticks. Cute!
 photo 04-12-0063.jpg

Funny crab legs machine.
 photo 04-12-0064.jpg

 photo 04-12-0066.jpg

Saw this machine dispensing straw bags at the airport. Quite curious so we took a closer look. The picture on the bag is cute! But kinda ex, 1000yen for a big one and 500yen for a small one so I didn’t get any. Pretty good as a souvenir though.
 photo 04-12-0068.jpg

Bath time! I used the bath salts we bought earlier. The color is actually pink in real life, super pretty! But it looks like I bled in the bathtub in this picture. Tsk.
 photo 04-12-0069.jpg

My buys! Scallops, sunscreen + Coach wallet for Mummy. The super cute Melody masks were for Christina. The orange soft toy’s for Hongyi plus beer & snacks for Mr Toh & colleagues.
 photo 04-12-0070.jpg

Supper that night! Um, really dislike this Sapporo beer even though I wanted to like it. =X
 photo 04-12-0071.jpg


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