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E.G.C.S.S Company Dinner + hood @ Bugis+

Posted on: February 25, 2013

We had our Lunar New Year company dinner last Friday. It was held at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, Grand Pacific Hotel.

My heels that day. Super love this pair of jelly wedges from taobao! So comfy too. But I do sound like a horse clomping around. Tsk.
 photo 20130222_083408.jpg

Nothing special about the food, but service was not bad. There was KTV in the room as well.

Dinner ended quite early at around 9pm plus. No luck at company lucky draw, I only won a small angbao of S$10. Better than nothing. Hee.

We then headed to hood @ Bugis+ with Eric & the rest.

I like the atmosphere there. I had no idea who was the band, all I knew was apparently they play at Wala Wala too. They’re not bad, but maybe I didn’t know how to appreciate some of the songs they play.

The bar food was not bad too although I didn’t eat much because I was full from the drinks. There was fish fingers and luncheon meat. Yummeh!

There was a lot of drinks too. Bosses opened 3 bottles of Cordon Bleu, some Japanese malt whisky and Moet too! Woot! Then there was a beer tower which I did not touch.

I had 2 glasses of red wine at dinner, hence my face was already red. T_T

Then had a few more glasses of cordon bleu with ginger ale, I love ginger ale, it’s so delicious seriously. Lol.

Then we had champagne toasting sessions. I didn’t dare to touch the whisky because I knew if I mixed too many drinks and got drunk, there’ll be hell to pay when I get home. Heh. So I paced myself throughout the night and only got slightly high. Good girl. xD

Didn’t want to trouble my colleagues to take care of me also.

It’s been super long since I’ve went out drinking. This also marked the 1st time I went drinking with Daphne! xD

OK no more talking, pictures below.

Joyce, Carmen, Irene & Aeden.
 photo 20130222_231840.jpg

Daphne, Aeden & Irene.
 photo 20130222_233440.jpg

Irene, Daphne & Aeden. Daphne looked so happy here. Lol.
 photo 20130222_233544.jpg

Out at the smoking area. I went out to take a break from the drinking.

Daphne molesting me. =X
 photo 20130222_234349.jpg

Now she’s sleepy. The damn flash was so bright. T_T
 photo 20130222_234422.jpg

Then I got molested by Irene too. T_T
*Note that I don’t do kissy faces. Heh.
 photo 20130222_235249.jpg

Asked Daphne to take a photo of me and Weiliang. Turned out like that, think she too sleepy already. Rofl. I like the decor behind the stage, so artsy!
 photo 20130222_235922.jpg

2nd take. Much better. But why so many hands?! LOL.
 photo 20130222_235944.jpg

Aeden & me. TIL he has a nice singing voice. Not bad not bad. I envy people who can sing well. =X
 photo 20130223_000049.jpg

Aeden, Don, Irene & me.
 photo 20130223_000145.jpg

Irene, Daphne & Don. Irene’s eye area turns white when she drinks, Daphne gets happy and Don gets sleepy. Lol!
 photo 20130223_000812.jpg

Daphne & me left shortly after 12am and we shared a cab back. She very nicely sent me back to Hougang first.

Friday was the $10million Toto draw, any luck?

Our winning ticket! No millions, but we won a little & recouped our capital. Hahaha.
 photo 20130224_214459.jpg

Took this pic of Mr Toh some time last week.

He was playing a game on his mobile phone and didn’t even move when I stacked the blanket on him. ROFL.
 photo 20130221_003625.jpg

This LNY was very quiet but still enjoyable.

Teeth are killing me now because of tightening session on Sat. T_T Mr Toh accompanied me this week. *muacks*

We went to Godpa & Godma’s house after that then headed back to Dad’s place for steamboat!

On Sunday, we went back to Mummy’s place for a while, then visited Tommy’s house & then back to Grandpa’s house for steamboat again.

So. Much. Eating. Think we gained quite a bit of weight this LNY. Lol. Mr Toh’s tummy is quite huge now. =X


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