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Hokkaido Winter Trip Part 4 – 3rd Dec 2012

Posted on: February 21, 2013

We are going to Otaru today! And visiting the Ishiya Chocolate Factory!

Gorgeous snow covered mountain~
 photo 03-12-1001.jpg

 photo 03-12-1002.jpg

The sky is SO gorgeous. *sigh* I love love love Otaru! This is the famous canal.
 photo 03-12-1003.jpg

 photo 03-12-1004.jpg

Sun was shining very brightly.
 photo 03-12-1005.jpg

4.8 degree celsius!
 photo 03-12-1006.jpg

4.6 degree celsius! Drop liao. =X
 photo 03-12-1007.jpg

 photo 03-12-1008.jpg

 photo 03-12-1009.jpg

 photo 03-12-10010.jpg

 photo 03-12-10011.jpg

 photo 03-12-10012.jpg

 photo 03-12-10013.jpg

 photo 03-12-10014.jpg

Coffee break. We got to take the glass back home. xD For special or Hello Kitty designs, we have to top up a bit more.
 photo 03-12-10015.jpg

At the 1st level of the cafe.
 photo 03-12-10016.jpg

So FAT!!
 photo 03-12-10017.jpg

Huge bear in a store selling many types of bears! Wanted to buy one for my sister but………the designs very garish, lots of huge bling crystals. Ew.
 photo 03-12-10018.jpg

Otaru Orgel Doh Music Box Museum

 photo 03-12-10019.jpg

 photo 03-12-10020.jpg

 photo 03-12-10021.jpg

Wanted to buy this for Mummy but….thought better of it, not to waste $.
 photo 03-12-10022.jpg

 photo 03-12-10023.jpg

 photo 03-12-10024.jpg

 photo 03-12-10025.jpg

 photo 03-12-10026.jpg

 photo 03-12-10027.jpg

 photo 03-12-10029.jpg

 photo 03-12-10030.jpg

Cute store fronts in Otaru.

 photo 03-12-10031.jpg

 photo 03-12-10032.jpg

 photo 03-12-10033.jpg

 photo 03-12-10034.jpg

 photo 03-12-10035.jpg

 photo 03-12-10036.jpg

 photo 03-12-10037.jpg

Otw back to the bus.
 photo 03-12-10038.jpg

 photo 03-12-10039.jpg

While waiting for Zann~
 photo 03-12-10040.jpg

 photo 03-12-10041.jpg

 photo 03-12-10042.jpg

 photo 03-12-10043.jpg

 photo 03-12-10044.jpg

 photo 03-12-10045.jpg

 photo 03-12-10046.jpg

Huge pumpkin! I thought this felt more appropriate for Halloween though.
 photo 03-12-10047.jpg

 photo 03-12-10048.jpg

Nabe! Not scolding bad word ok….we had lots of pot meals in Hokkaido so we learnt the word pot in Japanese = nabe. xD
 photo 03-12-10049.jpg

 photo 03-12-10050.jpg

Happy it’s lunch time~
 photo 03-12-10051.jpg

At Ishiya Chocolate Factory. I was a tad disappointed here because it was more like Ishiya Chocolate Shop than Factory. Oh well.

At least the area is very beautiful.
 photo 03-12-10053.jpg

 photo 03-12-10055.jpg

 photo 03-12-10057.jpg

 photo 03-12-10058.jpg

 photo 03-12-10059.jpg

The clock tower where puppet shows comes alive!
 photo 03-12-10060.jpg

The tiny houses are very cute.
 photo 03-12-10061.jpg

 photo 03-12-10062.jpg

 photo 03-12-10063.jpg

I felt like a giant. O.o
 photo 03-12-10064.jpg

 photo 03-12-10065.jpg

 photo 03-12-10066.jpg

Pretty us on the pretty staircase! Muahahaha.
 photo 03-12-10067.jpg

Very got Christmas feel~~
 photo 03-12-10068.jpg

Lovely decor.
 photo 03-12-10069.jpg

 photo 03-12-10070.jpg

Sitting on a huge shoe, I thought it looked like the piece in Monopoly.
 photo 03-12-10071.jpg

 photo 03-12-10072.jpg

Some fortune telling machine, I’ve seen this in Sg! We didn’t try it, take photo only. xD
 photo 03-12-10073.jpg

The upper level was a museum filled with the owner’s collection of toys.

 photo 03-12-10074.jpg

 photo 03-12-10075.jpg

 photo 03-12-10076.jpg

 photo 03-12-10077.jpg

 photo 03-12-10078.jpg

 photo 03-12-10079.jpg

 photo 03-12-10080.jpg

 photo 03-12-10081.jpg

 photo 03-12-10082.jpg

 photo 03-12-10083.jpg

 photo 03-12-10084.jpg

 photo 03-12-10085.jpg

 photo 03-12-10086.jpg

 photo 03-12-10087.jpg

 photo 03-12-10088.jpg

 photo 03-12-10089.jpg

 photo 03-12-10090.jpg

 photo 03-12-10091.jpg

 photo 03-12-10092.jpg

Such a pretty fake swiss roll. Pink color so sweet!
 photo 03-12-10093.jpg

Shopping centre area~ We were late getting back to the bus, made everyone else wait for us. Omg. So paiseh. T_T Sumimasen~~~~!
 photo 03-12-10094.jpg

 photo 03-12-10095.jpg

Dinner time!!

Free flow crab legs…….*SLURP* Sweet juicy and succulent.
 photo 03-12-10096.jpg

Nabe again!
 photo 03-12-10097.jpg

My favourite veggie~
 photo 03-12-10098.jpg

 photo 03-12-10099.jpg

 photo 03-12-100100.jpg

I had no intention of buying this hat, just wanted to take a photo with it. Hehehehe, no need to buy de!
 photo 03-12-100101.jpg

I just HAD to get this Chopper!! So kawaii!! I didn’t bring my wallet down from the bus though. T_T So I borrowed some $ from our tour guide 1st who was very nice about it!
 photo 03-12-100102.jpg

Awesome duty free shop.
 photo 03-12-100103.jpg

@ Odori Park for picture taking. The lights here are so pretty!

That’s the Sapporo TV Tower at the back.

 photo 03-12-100104.jpg

 photo 03-12-100105.jpg

 photo 03-12-100106.jpg

 photo 03-12-100107.jpg

Stopped for a break because it was SO COLD I was almost freezing. Hot sake to warm myself up. Shared this with Zann. Felt a tad better after this.
 photo 03-12-100108.jpg

 photo 03-12-100109.jpg

 photo 03-12-100110.jpg

 photo 03-12-100111.jpg

 photo 03-12-100112.jpg

 photo 03-12-100113.jpg

Our hotel room that night. Renaissance Sapporo Hotel. I don’t remember much of this hotel to be honest.

 photo 03-12-100114.jpg

 photo 03-12-100115.jpg

 photo 03-12-100116.jpg

 photo 03-12-100117.jpg

The room is big and cosy though.
 photo 03-12-100118.jpg

My buys that day~

Postcards, Shisedo eyeliner and a marc jacobs pouch for Huiyi’s xmas pressie!
 photo 03-12-100119.jpg

The glass I bought from the cafe earlier.
 photo 03-12-100120.jpg

Cute Melody and Doraemon pins I bought from an uncle at the canal for Christina and my sis. Plus a chopper charm I bought for myself from 1 of the shops!
 photo 03-12-100121.jpg

Not forgetting Ishiya chocolates for everyone back home~

 photo 03-12-100122.jpg

AND! My happiest buy during the whole trip! Heh.
 photo 03-12-100123.jpg


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