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February 2013 Bellabox

Posted on: February 21, 2013

This will be my last Bellabox as I’ve decided to try Vanity Trove instead.

Just received it on Tuesday when I was on leave to accompany Mummy for her checkup at SGH.

Though I received the box late…but still, the packaging is rather cute for Valentines’ Day.

 photo 20130220_111711.jpg

This month’s items.
 photo 20130220_111905.jpg

Lanvin Marry Me fragrance – The smell is rather nice but as I don’t wear perfumes, I gave it to Daphne who will put it to better use!

Nuxe Cleansing Water – Haven’t used it yet but I love the fragrance!

Adonis Herbal Peel Gel – I like the packaging, will give it a try tonight to prep for our company dinner tomorrow!

Foot Boots Pack – I like this product! Just what I needed for my dry feet! It looks like it’d smell very nice too with gingko, peach and rose extract.

MeMeMe Eyeline Pencil – I use eyeliners but I prefer liquid types to pencil types. Most probably will be giving this away too~

Hmmmm, the box this month is quite OK, 3 out of 5 products that I will use is quite good. =P

Can’t wait to get my 1st Vanity Trove box!

Took a day leave on Tuesday to accompany Mummy to SGH for her check up. They removed her CVC line too as it’s been 6 months since they put it in. So she had to have a platelet transfusion before that was done.

Mr Toh’s grandpa was also in SGH for a day’s observation as he hasn’t been feeling well since we came back from Malacca. Coincidentally he was in the same block that Mummy was in, so Mr Toh came down in the afternoon and we visited him for a while.

By the time Mummy can leave, it was almost 6pm then. Sent her back to Woodlands and we headed to Tampines Ikea. Mr Toh wanted to see if they had any suitable light fixtures for our home but there were none.

So we had our dinner there before cabbing home. Love the wings~~ Yummeh. The pasta I had was rather bland though the meatballs were flavorful. It reminded me of what Chef Tom Colicchio said on an episode of Top Chef Season 10. When you put well seasoned and bland food together, it does not make a seasoned plate of food. It’s just bland and that is exactly what my pasta was.

Speaking of Top Chef…I’m a loyal fan since season 1. I am so pissed that Kristen got eliminated over Josie. PUI! What a lousy decision! GRRR! Almost decided not to continue watching but I want to see Josie get eliminated! So I will keep watching just for that. Hope Kristen can get back in via Last Chance Kitchen!

Godsis came over to Dad’s house yesterday to bai nian~ Saturday, it’s our turn to go over to Godpa’s house.

She’s getting married in March 2014, so happy for her!!!
But we can’t attend as ours is in December 2013….and Chinese superstitions depict that bad luck will befall the married couple who attend another wedding within 3 months before or after their own wedding. If only her wedding is after 14 March but nope, it’s before that so nope, we can’t attend. *sigh*

If only we were not superstitious…but I’d really rather be safe than sorry.

Last Sat, we went to Mr Toh’s eryi’s new house. They designed and built it themselves! So cool. I really liked the house, it was very open, airy and bright. I love that they designed it to be environmentally friendly. Also love the pool which the stairs lead directly to the bathroom. SO SMART SERIOUSLY.

On the cab~
 photo 20130216_112514.jpg

After the house visit, we went to Aston’s baby daughter’s 1st month! Then it was to Gugu’s place in the evening. Goodness. I think I gained 3kgs that day alone. Non stop eating! T_T

Really have to start an exercise regime, I don’t want to look like a potato in my wedding photos and on my wedding day!

Also, it’s gonna be our 5th ROM anniversary in about a month’s time. Wanna slim down a bit before that. Heh.

Hope everyone had a good Lunar New Year and Valentines’ Day!


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