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Hokkaido Winter Trip Part 3 – 2nd Dec 2012

Posted on: February 5, 2013

View the next day was gorgeous too.




Wanted to take a picture with the mountains outside but turned out like that. Tsk.


While waiting for the other tour mates, I said why not we go out and take a picture without our coats? Muahahaha. Insanity!!


Zann! I think she miss ice kachang. Lol!

Back on the comfy tour bus. I super love my hair there, especially on this day!! So well behaved! I think the air there is magic seriously.
 photo 6c440ce8-6c92-4e25-9aa6-50d9e3d8b10c.jpg

So much snow outside!
 photo a3448399-2511-44f5-84ee-dd2157a28ab5.jpg

 photo 02-12-0018.jpg

 photo 02-12-0019.jpg

Window got foggy.
 photo 02-12-0020.jpg

 photo 02-12-0021.jpg

 photo 02-12-0022.jpg

 photo 02-12-0024.jpg

Our 1st stop of the day! White Isle Niseko Snowmobile Park.
 photo 02-12-0049.jpg

 photo 02-12-0026.jpg

 photo 02-12-0027.jpg

 photo 02-12-0029.jpg

Sun was shining brightly! Gorgeous weather! Sunglasses are a must as it was very bright.
 photo 02-12-0028.jpg

 photo 02-12-0029.jpg

 photo 02-12-0030.jpg

 photo 02-12-0031.jpg

We chose not to go with the others on the snow mobile. 1 hour of riding…hmm.

So we stayed with the bus and played with snow. xD

Look ma, no gloves! Damn cold. Lol. =X
 photo 02-12-0034.jpg

Zann had more snow than me. =(
 photo 02-12-0033.jpg

Boliao picture with a minibus covered in snow.
 photo 02-12-0035.jpg

Really whole place covered with snow.
 photo 02-12-0036.jpg

 photo 02-12-0038.jpg

 photo 02-12-0039.jpg

 photo 02-12-0040.jpg

 photo 02-12-0046.jpg

 photo 02-12-0047.jpg

 photo 02-12-0050.jpg

 photo 02-12-0051.jpg

Cold until icicles were forming on the vehicles parked there.
 photo 02-12-0048.jpg

So I was taking pictures of myself. When I looked back at this pic, I laughed like crazy. Photobombed by a snow flake! The timing damn accurate. LOL.
 photo 02-12-0042.jpg

Wanted to buy a drink but there was a bug in the vending machine. T_T
 photo 02-12-0043.jpg

Me again~!
 photo 02-12-0044.jpg

Our half assed snowman. Couldn’t find any rocks or sticks for the eyes & hands.
 photo 02-12-0045.jpg

Close ups of snow~~
 photo 02-12-0052.jpg

Their shape is so pretty~~ Are these considered snow flakes? I guess not.
 photo 02-12-0053.jpg

 photo 02-12-0054.jpg

Back on the bus heading to lunch. Starving~~
All wrapped up.
 photo 7db33e1e-18ad-4d03-970f-64a5511a7ac3.jpg

Having bbq today~
 photo 02-12-0056.jpg

Luckily Mr Toh didn’t come, if not….where got enough meat?!
 photo 02-12-0055.jpg

Zann is all prepared for lunch! The Japanese are so considerate, they provided a bib for us knowing that the oil will splatter from the BBQ.
 photo 02-12-0057.jpg

Fooood~ This lunch was pretty good. Yums!
 photo 02-12-0059.jpg

After lunch, the tour guide brought us to the back to collect spring water! Free one!! Must take! Hahahaha. =X

We had to cross this bridge to get there. It’s a hanging bridge suspended high above the waters. Damn scary.
 photo 02-12-0060.jpg

It’s here~!
 photo 02-12-0061.jpg

 photo 02-12-0062.jpg

 photo 02-12-0063.jpg

So prettyyyyyyy the whole area!
 photo 02-12-0064.jpg

 photo 02-12-0065.jpg

Our model posing for a photo. xD
 photo 02-12-0066.jpg

Collecting the water.
 photo 02-12-0067.jpg

 photo 02-12-0068.jpg

 photo 02-12-0070.jpg

My turn!
 photo 02-12-0072.jpg

 photo 02-12-0073.jpg

 photo 02-12-0075.jpg

The whole area was gorgeous~
 photo 02-12-0074.jpg

 photo 02-12-0076.jpg

 photo 02-12-0077.jpg

 photo 02-12-0078.jpg

 photo 02-12-0079.jpg

My traveling water bottle!
 photo 02-12-0080.jpg

 photo 02-12-0081.jpg

After the free water, we headed to our next location for snow activities! Yay!

Pretty pretty place! Super love the landscape here in Hokkaido. *sigh*
 photo 02-12-0083.jpg

Snow tubing time!
 photo 02-12-0085.jpg

My turn! This was incredibly fun! But damn tiring to climb up the slope after sliding down…so we only went twice.
 photo 02-12-0086.jpg

Snow rafting! See, we had to wear helmets. Luckily we did but our bodies were still covered in snow. T_T
 photo 02-12-0087.jpg

Aftermath. We almost became snow women. So damn cold and covered in snow!! Even our hoods were full of snow.
 photo 02-12-0088.jpg

 photo 02-12-0089.jpg

Our hotel room that night – Rusutsu Resort. They have a lot of facilities but we reached quite late so we didn’t really get to explore the place. The place is huge though.
 photo 02-12-0090.jpg

Well furnished bathroom~
 photo 02-12-0091.jpg

 photo 02-12-0092.jpg

 photo 02-12-0093.jpg

 photo 02-12-0094.jpg

Breakfast and dinner vouchers~ Usually don’t have dinner vouchers one but tonight is an exception!
 photo 02-12-0095.jpg

Layered the shit out of me as the hotel compound was quite chilly, some area was outdoors too.
 photo 02-12-0096.jpg

Sooo many Chopper stuff!!
 photo 02-12-0097.jpg

 photo 02-12-0098.jpg

I bought this puzzle!
 photo 02-12-0099.jpg

 photo 02-12-00100.jpg

 photo 02-12-00101.jpg

We were supposed to be having international buffet at a German restaurant for dinner but due to some miscommunication, it was not available. Hence, the location was changed to a Jap restaurant and our voucher was good for about 4000yen IIRC which amounted to almost S$70. Quite a lot right! And we can order ala carte dishes! Woohoo!!

We had such a great dinner that night! The best in this trip so far in my opinion. xD

Happy Zann!
 photo 02-12-00102.jpg

 photo 02-12-00104.jpg
 photo 02-12-00103.jpg

Edadame! This was quite a lot for us. T_T
 photo 02-12-00105.jpg

Zann ordered the chef’s sashimi platter. Looks good right!
 photo 02-12-00106.jpg

Potato mochi pancakes. Texture really like mochi. I liked this. Sweet and chewy chewy de.
 photo 02-12-00107.jpg

 photo 02-12-00108.jpg

My clam rice~ Kinda like mui fan.
 photo 02-12-00109.jpg

Just nice portion for 1 person. Love the sweet clams~!
 photo 02-12-00110.jpg

Zann’s fish, it’s hugeee.
 photo 02-12-00112.jpg

Crab legggggs!! But these were alright only lah. Not bad but maybe because they grilled it for too long, the meat was dry.
 photo 02-12-00113.jpg

Weird tool to help you dig out the crabby meaty goodness. xD
 photo 02-12-00114.jpg

Zann offered me her sashimi and I tried just 1 slice of salmon. Mr Toh said I must try salmon sashimi while here for him.

Ok lor, I try lor. Dipping it in wasabi and soya sauce.
 photo 02-12-00111.jpg

I was a tad apprehensive but OMG, this slice of salmon changed my life!!! Soooo awesome!! Very very fresh and the texture was firm, not slimy like those I’ve tried before. Omg. Definitely have to bring my Mr Toh to try in future!

Japanese Restaurant “Sekkatei”
North Wing
All the Japanese favourites are served here, each enriched with fresh seasonal produce. Relax in a casual atmosphere where you will be able to experience the classic tastes of dishes such as Sushi and Nabe (Japanese hot pot).

The hotel was decorated in Xmas theme!

Pretty carriages~
 photo 02-12-00115.jpg

 photo 02-12-00116.jpg

 photo 02-12-00117.jpg

Ice cream vending machine! The Japanese are so smart. Can do hot vending machine, cold frozen ones also can do!
 photo 02-12-00118.jpg

Titbits I bought! I only aimed for the ones that said Hokkaido Limited Edition “北海道限定”! Why buy something that we can get at Liang Court? xD

I quite liked this hotel, really a lot of things to walk, they have many shops in them already and of course it is a ski resort, hence it’s perfect for ski lovers.

To be continued!


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