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Posted on: October 11, 2012

So…it got worse on Tuesday. I ended work early and went to SGH to fetch Mummy who just finished her blood transfusions.

After sending her home and buying her dinner, I went home and met Mr Toh for dinner at 212. We headed to Dad’s house after that as he needed Mr Toh’s help in something.

We left for home at around 10pm plus and I was feeling really tired by then. I could feel my body tilting a couple of times! Not to the extent of fainting, just my body tilting…

And it scares me. So yesterday after work, I met Mr Toh and Andrew at Hougang Mall. I was considering to go see a doctor and maybe consider a full body check up but then I decided to consult a TCM physician instead.

We went to the Eu Yan Sang clinic at Level 4 of Hougang Mall.

Told the physician my symptoms and after checking my pulse, she asked if I was under a lot of stress, like work stress. I did tell her that my job is pretty stressful. She emphasized on the importance of letting my mind take a break and not put too much stress on myself, especially regarding Mummy’s illness. She said I cannot help her even if I stress myself out thinking about it, I’ll make things worse by stressing out about it and falling sick like now. =(

Of course I know all that, but to hear other people saying it just kinda puts things in perspective.

She also mentioned that since I do yoga, I can focus more on moves that strengthens the neck and shoulder muscles since I’m sitting at my desk and staring at the computer the whole day. Gonna try to take her advice.

She prescribed a week’s worth of medicine.
Total consultation + meds came up to S$70. Whoa…….. Expensive!!!


Luckily they aren’t as bitter as I thought they were gonna be. No cold drinks for the week too. Hopefully they will work…I’m getting scared. =(

My OFTD today~ Been a while since I’ve worn this 2 items or taken any OFTD~

Wearing my 199 baht new shoes from BKK! Super super comfy!! Too bad they don’t have other nice designs or colors, else I would have bought more!

I have not been online shopping at all recently….so….will have to dig through my wardrobe for something to wear for my cousin’s wedding this Sun. *sigh*


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