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What I’ve been up to since coming back from Bangkok

Posted on: October 2, 2012

We reached Singapore on Sunday 23/09 at around 8pm. After heading home and unpacking all our stuff, we cleaned up and headed to Dad’s place~! To pass them the stuff we bought for them. xD Nothing much actually, a tee & Rikkakuma soft toy for Hongyi, tshirt for Dad, jewellery box for Aunty and tidbits for everyone. =D

Headed home and crashed after that as I was so tired. T_T

Mommy had a doctor’s appointment on Mon (24/09) & Wed (26/09) but as I already took 2 days off the previous week, Huiyi and Alex helped to accompany Mommy. So thankful, seriously. Her blood counts are still low and she needed a blood transfusion on Wed. Mummy please get well soon!

On Tuesday, I took an hour time off and headed to Mummy’s place to change her CVC line dressing and also for dinner. I took about an hour to finish changing her dressing and flushing of the line. Goodness. Slow like turtle. T_T
Mummy cooked fish, pork in soya sauce and spinach in oyster sauce. xD~ Miss home cooked food so much! The spinach was too salty though because Mummy added too much oyster sauce. =X

On Wed, we met Sis at City Hall for dinner and we chose to dine at Yomenya Goemon, this shop selling Japanese pasta. Been wanting to try it with Mr Toh~

I had the Mentaiko, Shrimp & Japanese Herb Ao-Shiso pasta.

Looks nice right?!

But….it’s not that nice I feel. I got a mouthful of the Japanese herb and it was quite yucky. =X The mentaiko and shrimps are nice enough but the pasta was a little too dry.
Mr Toh’s carbonara was super yummy though the portion was too small for him. =X

So, I feel that the pasta here weren’t really worth it.

Yomenya Goemon (Citylink Mall)
Address: 1 Raffles Link, #B1-63A Citylink Mall
Tel: +65 6884 5758
Opening Hours:
Mon–Sun: 11.30am – 9.30pm

Thursday afternoon, my colleagues and I headed to White Dog cafe at Harbourfront for lunch! We had their set lunch, pretty worth it, the set includes a soup, salad, a main course and a drink. I think we spent about S$20 or less per person.

Mushroom soup and salad~ Mushroom soup was not bad.

My fish with tartare sauce and butter raisin rice. This was pretty good! Fish was nicely cooked and the portion was just nice.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and it was really filling. They have very cheap beer as well, only $6.50 for 1 glass of Erdinger though I’m not really a beer drinker. I will most likely come back here for their set lunch. xD

White Dog Cafe (VivoCity)
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-131/132 VivoCity
Tel: +65 6376 9970
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11.30am – 9.45pm

Went back to Dad’s place on Thursday night~

Hongyi playing Angry Bird, he’s wearing the tee we bought for him in Bangkok! Hehe.

3D Hello Kitty I made! Super cute even though I don’t really like Hello Kitty. Haha~

I headed home after work on Friday night. We were feeling bored and there was an event downstairs that was really noisy so Mr Toh brought me to Tebing Lane! Super near our future home. xD Don’t remember the name of the place we went to, but it is right next to the fishing and prawning ponds with a nice outdoor area. The weather was so nice that night! We had root beers with their fries and buffalo wings. xD Very nice atmosphere but their choice of beer was quite limited. Doesn’t matter that much to me though.

On Saturday, I woke at 8am for my dental appointment. My teeth were so sore after that I felt like punching someone. There seems to be no progress on my front teeth…so sad. =( Please move faster teeth!!

When I reached home, Dad was there to accompany Grandpa to the temple, so Mr Toh and me tagged along.
After the temple, Dad dropped us off at Upper Serangoon Rd and we had our lunch at Ah Seah Teochew porridge. It started raining when we were about to finish our meal. Luckily I had my umbrella! We cabbed home to Punggol and started on painting the 2 rooms~

Study room~

2nd bedroom~

We only managed to finish the first coat for both rooms when it started to get dark so we stopped for the day~

On Sunday morning, I woke up at 7am!!! To buy roast chicken for Mummy for praying for Mid Autumn Festival, I was afraid it’d be sold out as there are sure to be a lot of people buying. T_T
Not a very good experience because of all the kiasu aunties who tried to cut my queue. =(
After I reached home, I received an SMS from Mummy asking me to help her buy 2 more items. Ahhh!!! *faints*

So….we ended up going to the market again when we headed out later, luckily those items aren’t that ‘hot’.

Saw this remote car drifting compy! It looks difficult to control the cars.

As Mummy’s arms and legs gets tired and sore easily, we helped out with the cooking. Mr Toh helped more though. Hee. Thank you my dear. =)

Yummy lunch!
Top , L-R: Braised pork belly, fried ngoh hiang, pan fried fish in oyster sauce.
Bottom, L-R: Stir Fried Broccoli with sliced pork and carrots, braised pork trotters, fried tofu and roast chicken!
My tummy is growling just looking at this picture. =(

My sis didn’t manage to come as her bf sprained his ankle. O.O Gosh..hope he’s feeling better now.

We proceeded to pray then we had our lunch, Mr Toh and me were starving! Shortly after lunch, I changed Mummy’s dressing as it wasn’t very feasible for me to go down to her house every Tuesday. This time, I only took half an hour while Mr Toh took a nap in the living room.

We left at around 5pm as it was the last day of the Harry Potter exhibition and I didn’t want to miss it even though I was pooped. T_T

We saw this quartet on our way to the ArtScience Museum, so cool~~ I love their dresses. xD

Us before going in!

Posters of the 7 movies at the entrance.

The poster at the entrance telling us not to take pictures in the exhibition. I thought it looked nice. I especially love the wording at the bottom!

The exhibition was alright, quite interesting and it was pretty fascinating especially to see the models of the props they used, like the dragon, the chess pieces and the phoenix. It wasn’t very big, I think we took about 2 hours to finish.

There was a lot of merchandise for sale but crazily overpriced! We did buy 2 chocolate frogs and 2 boxes of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! Hehe, can’t wait to try them although I don’t think I’d dare to try the Booger or Earwax flavour. *pukes*
We also bought the set of Dumbledore Army’s wand. It was really pricey *sheepish* but but but so well made and we thought it’d be great as a display item in our home!

Outside of the ‘lotus’. xD

Pretty view~

We saw the Rain Occulus art feature while searching for the foodcourt! It looks and sounds like a washing machine. I asked Mr Toh to throw his clothes in for a spin. Hahahaha! =X

Our late dinner at Rasapura foodcourt after the exhibition~

What I wore on Sunday! My new top from Bangkok!! Love it~ So cute and cheap. xD

I was on leave yesterday as I was accompanying Mummy to the hospital for her weekly check up. We waited from 10am to 12pm to see the doctor. T_T~~ Luckily she did not need any transfusions. It was almost 2pm when everything was done.
We headed to Hougang Mall after that to meet my aunts~
Mr Toh came to look for me and we left to have our lunch at Long John Silver~ Their standard is pretty bad now. Plus my teeth were so sore I couldn’t chew their food properly. T_T
We headed back home to Punggol to continue painting! After 1-2 hours of non stop hard work, we were done with both rooms! Weee! The sky was setting already as we finished so I rushed to clean the rollers and shower before it got completely dark.

We left for Hougang to meet Andrew and Beng for dinner before heading to Gugu’s shop to pass them the gifts from Bangkok as well as take a look at study tables again and buy shoe racks and a trolley table/cabinet for Mummy.

It’s been a hectic weekend for me…and I’m so short on sleep that I’ve been getting headaches and even feeling faint once. o.O

Really got to try to sleep earlier today. But when I reach home, I usually don’t feel that sleepy already. Grr… But I know I know, I have to take better care of myself, less soft drinks, eat on time and rest well. If only my Mr Toh can take my advice too.


4 Responses to "What I’ve been up to since coming back from Bangkok"

I’m going to be thick skin here.. Why you didnt mention my mooncakes?? I’m so sad!! And worst of all!! no pictures!! =(

Because we put it in the fridge when we got home and I forgot about it! Later I go back take pictures. Hee.

Forgot about my mooncakes!!??!! That’s super sad loh!!!

Bu shi gu yi de lah~~~ I eat them liao, really very nice!!! Mr Toh also say very nice!! Next year can sell liao!!

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