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Posted on: September 17, 2012

Revealing the items from my bellabox.

What I received.

Rimmel – Stay Glossy Lip Gloss

Petronille Elixir Antioxydant booster & Essentielle Jour – Day Cream. This looks interesting.

For use each morning on perfectly cleansed face and neck. Press down on lid to release the required dose of cream. Add one drop of your chosen elixir. Mix with your fingertips and massage into your face and neck.

Vichy BI-WHITE MED Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion.

L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Brightening Essence

Use after your cleanser, toner, optional skin booster product (Youth Code), before your whitening moisturizer. Preferably, follow with L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise White Perfect Laser All-Round Protecting Cream SPF19/PA+++

Lifecella® Essence Sheet Mask
Glad that I received the mask suitable for me~~ Getting older already must take care. =(


Pull the flaps to apply onto face.
Fold over the flaps for double benefits to the eye zone.
Adjustable eye area and perforations on the upper lip and jaw areas deliver a perfect fit.

Haven’t tried any of the items except the lip gloss. The manufacturing date was a little scary…mine was 2010 but there was no weird smell so I thought it was safe to use.

A little swatch. Like how it is not too red and gives my lips a nice pinkish shimmer without being too red.

Overall, I thought this month’s box was a little blah.

Our kitchen cabinets are completed!! Wee!!

Counter tops are up and glass panel added on the ‘wet’ side of the kitchen.

This is the ‘dry’ side.

I love how clean and bright the whole kitchen looks! xD Love the white glossy cabinets~~~

We went to JB on Sunday morning!

Mr Toh slept the whole night on Saturday from 7pm, only waking up at 12am for dinner/supper so when I woke at 7am to go to the loo, he was awake already and tickled me when I went back to bed. T_T
So, seeing that he was already awake, I decided to get an early start on our JB trip.

Reached JB at around 10am plus and we headed to Taman Sentosa area for bak kut teh!

Yummy crispy youtiao!

Piping hot boiling soup in a claypot~

This is Soon Huat bak kut teh. It’s slightly different from the one I tried many years back, the soup is clearer but very flavourful and different from the ones in Singapore which has a heavy pepper taste.

Sesame chicken! Love the ginger. xD A tad too oily but still delish.

After a satisfying meal, we headed to Plaza Sentosa to see see walk walk but really nothing much. T_T

We then cabbed to KSL from there, it was my first time at KSL! So suaku…hahahaha~

Our main purpose was to buy mooncakes and we bought 3 boxes from Casahana~! Their flavours are very interesting. Prices are also very reasonable!

I bought a handphone case as well! Super cute Chopper/Hello Kitty casing! I don’t like Hello Kitty but this was really too cute lah!

We also booked a massage session at Thai Odyssey but we had to wait so we went for a drink at this cafe on the ground floor. There was a singing competition that day too, we had a great time listening to them sing, I must say the standard there is much much higher than the competitions in Singapore!

Mr Toh’s very tall milkshake. But sadly, it was very disgusting. They made it from condensed milk…..bleargh.

After our massage, we headed back to City Square and went back home shortly. We had to queue a little while for the Causeway Link bus to Bugis but there was no major jam. So lucky!! xD

Headed to SGH from Bugis to visit Mummy and we left a little earlier that day as we were going to visit his aunt to give them the mooncakes we bought for them. =)

We are meeting Christina tonight for a mini concert at Esplanade! Shili and Adi are singing there tonight so we are lending our support. =D

The doctor informed mummy that she will let her know today if she is able to be discharged. Her blood counts are like the stock market (Mr Toh’s words), up and down everyday…*Sigh* I’m wondering if I jinxed it. =””(

Anyway, we are still hopeful for good news. Gonna be going down tomorrow to demonstrate my understanding of cleaning Mummy’s CVC line to the nurses. Hope I don’t forget any step!

Mummy jiayou!!!


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