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Posted on: September 5, 2012

So. I’ve been on a shopping ban since August. T_T No parcels in my mailbox to look forward to.

Even Auntie commented that she thought I was too tired looking after Mummy to shop. Actually, that is half true lah. We usually leave at around 10pm and reach home at about 11pm, factor in showering and relaxing time, I usually sleep at around 12am+ and get up at 7am. =/

I’m ok with that usually, but for the past 2 days, I’ve been feeling a flu coming on…and have been taking flu meds to combat it. Flu, please stay away from me! If not, I cannot visit Mummy. =(

So back to topic..no parcels recently except for Bellabox! Can’t wait for this month’s box to come. =)

Also looking forward to our Bangkok trip in September, which reminds me, I have to apply for leave! And really hope that Mummy can come with us~~

November trip to Hokkaido with Zann has also been confirmed. Woohoo! Can’t wait too!!

Leah came to visit Mummy yesterday too. Sis-in-law helped her wear the mask. So guai right?

Nope, the mask came off 10 seconds later. Haha!

I’ve recently ordered a Guinness World Records certificate. Heh. It was for my participation in redditgift’s Secret Santa event in 2011.

Record Title: Largest online secret Santa game

Attempt Text: The largest online secret Santa game consisted of 30,250 participants, organized by redditgifts.com (USA), from 1 November 2011 to 15 February 2012.

Woohoo! So exciting. Hahaha! Anyway, I ordered my cert online at a cost of GBP$22.50. So expensive right? But it’s probably a once in a lifetime thing so it’s OK I guess.

So yesterday, I received an email from Guinness with the below contents:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your order.

Due to your fantastic achievement we have received a high volume of certificate orders for this particular record attempt. Based on this I wanted to inform you that we will endeavour to ship your order within the next two weeks from the receipt of this email.
We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this slight delay may cause you.

This email is sent from an unmonitored email address. Please do not respond.


Guinness World Records Ltd.
184-192 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3HP

Nothing special about it right? I was just a tad disappointed that it will take 2 weeks to ship it out but I figured I wasn’t in a rush to get it so it’s fine by me.

Shortly after receiving this email, my phone started buzzing with email alerts. I was wondering why I was suddenly receiving so many emails when I saw that the staff from Guinness had showed all our email addresses in the To: field of the email. Which means everyone can see them. O.O All 1070 of them. *cue epic facepalm*

Needless to say, this started a barrage of reply alls from those who were involved. Saw some very funny replies that made my day and there were also some who was pissed that people were spamming their inbox. No big deal to me, I can mute the emails with Gmail. xD

I received another email from Guinness today, apologising for the mistake, offering a full refund for the cost of the certificate and an assurance that the cert will be shipped within 2 weeks.

I thought Guinness handled this very well. I’m quite happy with the refund. Hee! So…maybe I should thank the staff who made the mistake? =X

After seeing a thread on reddit, I emailed Guinness the below because I was concerned they may fire the staff who made the mistake.

Dear Marco,

Thank you for the email and I appreciate the fact that you have acted quickly and honorably in this matter.

I know others have also done the same, but I would like to ask you to be gentle to the person responsible for this little gaffe. Considering the great horrors committed in our world on a daily basis, this is a very, very minor offense. It is no big deal to me, I can clean up my mailbox with little difficulty. I’m thinking that the 1070 of us can all do it with less collected effort than it would take for the poor soul to find a new job.

Again, thank you and respect for your handling of this matter.

Best Regards,


Copied this email from the reddit thread. =x Hope the staff won’t get into too much trouble though I read that the mistake this time might cost them about GBP$30,000. O.O

Feeling slightly better now after taking Panadol Flu Max~ Must try to sleep earlier tonight.


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