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Updates on our new home~

Posted on: August 28, 2012

So. I was on leave yesterday as we were meeting the doctor to discuss Mummy’s case.

I ended up waking really early anyway…around 7:30am. T_T I woke up to see Mr Toh already awake and watching his anime. Tsk. He asked me if I still wanted to sleep…I was already awake so I said no. So we prepared to go out for breakfast and to go down to our new house as we had an appointment for the installation of cooker gas.

We got a pleasant surprise when we walked in.

The cabinets were up on the left side already! Woots!

I chose white for the cabinets as I wanted our tiny kitchen to look clean and spacious. It already looks dreadfully small though..I hope the final results will look better. =X

Then I walked into the Master bedroom and saw another surprise!

Our bay window laminate is up too! Weee!!


Mr Ang advised us to choose a laminate that matches the floor as it will look better. So I chose this laminate based on my memory of what our bedroom floor look like. =X Luckily it’s quite close~ xD

We headed to a coffeeshop nearby to rot and play game while waiting for time to pass before we go down to SGH to see Mummy. I’m so hooked on this mobile RPG game, Inotia 3 now. =X

Mummy’s hand is healing nicely, just waiting to remove stitches on 29/08.

SGH’s diagnosis is the same as TTSH…wish they didn’t have to extract the bone marrow a 2nd time. T_T Anyway, she is starting treatment today, hopefully everything goes well. The cycle for the medicine is 5 days, then after that, they have to keep her in the hospital for around 3 weeks for observation.

Mummy’s been in hospital for a month now… =”( At least she is in a 4 bedded ward now where there are other patients to chat with her. Most of them are very nice.

However, there’s a patient who was just admitted 2 days ago who, honestly speaking, is very unfriendly, stuck up and inconsiderate.

She always asks the nurses to on the air con in the room but the other patients, Mummy included, are very afraid of the cold, especially 1 of the auntie who’s undergoing treatment at the moment so she is especially vulnerable to cold.
And she herself wears TWO pairs of pants and WINTER SOCKS. What the fuck is this you tell me? Even Mr Toh feels cold when he visits, even the nurses are cold.

Then, when the nurse talked to her about this issue, that there are 3 elderly ladies and she as a younger person, can she give in to them. She just said she feels very ‘xing ku’ when the aircon is off. Zzz. So the nurse also LL lor..she can only give the other patients extra blankets.

Yesterday, it was raining the whole afternoon, so after meeting the doctor and we went back to the room, I asked the nurse to turn off the aircon as my mum was feeling very cold and they said OK. Not 5 mins later, she came out of her bed where the curtain was drawn to ask the nurse to turn it back on. Wtf.

We all tolerated her, never mind.

But yesterday, one thing happened that flipped Mr Toh off and he told them off. What was the thing, you ask? Well, her husband and her went out of the ward, maybe for dinner or what I don’t know and they left the aircon on.

Mr Toh saw them going down when he came back from a smoke break and he immediately went to the room to see if they had the courtesy to inform the nurse to off the aircon because you already know the other patients are always very cold right! But no. They didn’t think of that. Mr Toh was sooo angry he kept simmering. He was at the aircon switch area and kinda exploded when they came back to the room after almost an hour. I said kinda because he didn’t shout, he just talked really loudly.

I was at Mummy’s bed and got shocked when I heard the commotion.

Mr Toh questioned them why they didn’t think of turning off the aircon when they were going out of the room. The guy replied it’s not their job. WTF?
Of course we know it’s not your job. We are just asking that you have some courtesy and consideration for the 3 elderly ladies who are unfortunately sharing the ward with you.

After some blabbing, the wife said to the husband, “Call the security.” Errrrrr.
Firstly, the ward is not yours alone, you don’t own it. Everyone pays for it.
Secondly, if the security guard comes up, your husband has to go too, duh. I almost LOL-ed when I heard that. RIDICULOUS. They think they own the place.

Then, Mr Toh retorted that they should stay in an A class ward if she wants the aircon on the whole day. She can even say that the other patients should go! Mr Toh just said to her to use her brain to think, that she is asking the other 3 patients in a 4 bedded ward to move because of her? Oh my god. Who the hell does she think she is?

I was so pissed by then. But I remained civil. I just emphasized to her that what we are trying to say, is that the other 3 patients are very cold and for her to please have some consideration for them. She then said Mr Toh also no need to shout at her right. Trying to change the subject.. *sigh* If only she can hear what Mr Toh’s shout sounds like.

She continued to say that when she was admitted, she requested for a fan but the nurse said no. Shortly after that, she called the nurse on duty and asked for a fan again and they managed to find one for her. You’d think that’ll shut her up but no. When the nurse brought the fan to her, my sis heard her complaining that if they had just given her the fan on the 1st day, this wouldn’t have happened. O.o

Things kinda calmed down after that but the whole atmosphere was so awkward. I could also keep hearing her mumbling and complaining to the husband. Surprisingly the husband shut up after the 1st comment. Hmm. The husband also another one kind. He used the patient’s toilet!! In a female ward!! Wah lao eh.
When my auntie used it the other day, the nurse reminded her that the toilet is for patients only. My auntie didn’t know because she doesn’t know English so she couldn’t read the sign on the door. BUT that couple only speaks English from what Mummy says, couldn’t be that he cannot read English right?! TSK.

She was supposed to be discharged yesterday but don’t know why, she is still there! Auntie looked kinda disappointed when she changed back to the hospital clothes. =X

*sigh* Well, at least she has a fan now. Maybe she should thank Mr Toh for that. HAHAHA!! =X

Hopefully the aircon will not be on so frequently now. The weather’s so rainy & cold recently and Mummy’s starting her ATG treatment, I hope she doesn’t feel too cold. My mum knows that she has her rights too ok…she will definitely ask the nurse to off the aircon if she or Auntie is too cold. Luckily she isn’t too shy or what. Good for her I say!

On Thursday, I met Mr Toh at Vivo to buy some stuff for Mummy and I grabbed a quick bite at Toast Box. I was really craving for otah so I had their otah bread.

Very meh. Otah was spread very thinly and bland. The bread was nice enough though.

On Friday, I had to OT so I skipped dinner and visited Mummy.

We were heading home and were at Kovan MRT when I remarked that we didn’t watch a movie yet this week. I kept remembering that there was a movie I wanted to catch last week. So I checked the phone and remembered that it was Cold Light of Day! There was still many seats available so we headed back to the MRT platform and went to Nex!


After his family is kidnapped during their sailing trip in Spain, a young Wall Street trader is confronted by the people responsible: intelligence agents looking to recover a mysterious briefcase.


That’s funny, I have no recollection of the movie mentioning that he was a trader. The movie was quite bad honestly. Very slow moving and I thought the action scenes were lame. It was such a disappointment! I was so looking forward to it. Henry Cavill is really hot though. Kinda the only redeeming factor. Haha! =X So ummm, don’t catch this if you can. =)

On Saturday, we were having steamboat at Mr Toh’s friend/partner’s home at Clementi so we headed to the NTUC at the mall there to buy more meat, some drinks and ice cream. =D Really disliked the NTUC there though, soooo crampy and crowded even though the place looks huge.

I like their steamboat pot! Love the grill in the middle.

Some of the spread. xD~~

The white cubes on the top of the grill is pork lard. XDDD Much better than using butter which tends to burn. But also more unhealthy. But the food turns out so yummy!! =x

And the soup! I tell you, the soup was awesome! After we had been eating for a while, the soup was so sweet. Lots of ingredients in it but not salty at all and I didn’t get sick of the soup at all. We were sooo full after that we skipped dinner.
Hence we only ate one meal that day. Hahahaha!

I also really love their home decor! The kitchen is open concept with a counter top and there’s also a wall filled with framed family photos. Gonna kop that idea. Hehehehe.

I’ve been heading down to SGH everyday after work to see Mummy, luckily it’s so near. Mr Toh has been my rock throughout this period. I’m really thankful I have him. =’)

My sis has been wonderful too, I’m so happy she’s back and she’s just been awesome, always buying fruits, snacks and newspapers for Mummy and coming down everyday too. As for my brother, well, he does what he can and I can see that he is trying hard too.

Right now, the only thing I am wishing for is for Mummy to pull through this treatment cycle safely and without any major side effects or complications. Hope she will recover fully after this cycle of medicine and it won’t relapse. Mummy jiayou!!


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