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Bellabox August!

Posted on: August 14, 2012

I received the box yesterday! Quite an awesome perk me up when I was feeling sleepy like hell.

Instead of the usual pink box, this month’s Bellabox came in a tote bag with cute prints. But it was way too thin though…I doubt it’ll last long. It’s ok though, it’s not the main products anyway. =P

Really digging all the items this month after I started using them last night. xD Very kiasu this time.

Definitely 1 of my favourite item in this month’s box! A full size China Glaze nail polish in 1 of my current favourite shades, color name is For Audrey. Can’t wait to try this~

Philosophy purity cleanser for face and eyes. Another of my favourites so far.

It’s supposed to remove all makeup including eye makeup. You just apply a generous amount on dry or damp skin and massage for 60 seconds. It becomes a whitish thin layer like a cream, then after more massaging, it becomes transparent & when I wash it off with water, it becomes very foamy and bubbly! Quite fun to use. =X

I don’t wear makeup at all usually so I cannot gauge how good the removing power is. But my skins feels so clean after using it and yet, it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or dry. Pretty awesome!!

Enavose Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage

I’ve been thinking of getting an exfoliator recently but I had no idea which brand to choose. So this sample really came just in time!
I applied on my dry cleansed face and massage. It doesn’t have anything like microbeads, it’s gel like when applied then when you massage, it becomes little white bits, kinda like the residue when we use an eraser. Rinse off and you’re done!
The exfoliators I’ve tried previously always leaves me with very dry and tight skin, sometimes even peeling skin! But my skin just feels super clean after this and not uncomfortably tight, very awesome for my thin sensitive skin. Another great product!

Philosophy hope in a jar oil-free moisturiser.

I think the name is very cute, hope in a jar. Lol!
I’m not sure if it’s my skin that became smoother after cleansing and exfoliating but when I was applying the moisturiser, it feels soooo smooth! The cream has a really lovely texture but I just didn’t like the smell, smells weird to me. The moisturiser was absorbed pretty fast and wasn’t oily. My skin appeared shiny after applying but when I checked my face half an hour later, it didn’t seem oilier which is awesome.

Loreal Youth Code.

I only applied it once yesterday night so I can’t really say if it works or not. I like the scent though. Absorbed fast too. I used this after my toner and before moisturiser.

Anna Sui Eye Color. Can’t remember the shade I got. =X

Super super love the packaging!! Really love all Anna Sui’s product packaging, they are so feminine and pretty!
I don’t wear make up usually but when I do, I also apply eyeshadow sometimes and I love this color! Very neutral and natural.


Tried to do a swatch but I think because the color is very light, it’s not very visible. However I love the subtle color and the shimmery effect! Perfect for people like me who prefers to keep my makeup simple and natural looking. =D The product smells good too!

There were also a bunch of vouchers included as in every month’s box. But I didn’t really look through them as I was very tired already.

I do think the items this month were very worth it. Just the China Glaze nail polish or Anna Sui’s eyeshadow alone were worth more than the subscription fee. =X
I love all the items this month and I hope next month’s will be as good or even better. =)


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