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Posted on: August 8, 2012

So. Mummy went for a small op on her right wrist to drain the infection. The doctor said there was pus and it was absolutely necessary as they do not want the pus to spread to her blood, etc.

I took time off and left the office at 4:30pm. When I reached her room, I was surprised to find so many people there. 3 of my aunties, 1 of my uncle, my sis-in-law and Mr Toh. O.o

Turns out that for Class A wards, they don’t really bother much about the 4 person limit for each patient. Even when my sister came after 9pm, the security guard who registered her didn’t even ask her anything. What a big difference from the previous nights when Mummy was staying at class C ward, the security guard would ask a lot of questions and tell her that she is on the waiting list because there is already 2 people upstairs, etc.

According to Mr Toh, he saw a particularly nasty guard who was making things difficult for all the visitors so he purposely queued for his counter. As expected, he didn’t even ask Mr Toh any questions and just registered him. Tsk.

Hmm. Money really does make a difference huh? So unfair but nothing we can do at all.

Anyway, Mummy’s hand was bandaged until it resembled a pig’s trotter lor! T_T Please please please let her recover fast! SGH has confirmed to accept Mummy and we are now just waiting for SGH to confirm bed space before they transfer her over.

Mr Toh and me went down for dinner at around 6 plus.

Decided to try Polar and I had the chicken rendang nasi lemak.
Looks quite awesome but it was so-so only. Lots of ingredients though until I couldn’t finish it. T_T

Simple OFTD today. I wore my new bracelets~ The ones I bought in July. Super love how the pink one is so shiny. O.o

No more buying until we go to Bangkok. Hope Mummy can go with us!!


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