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Posted on: August 7, 2012

My breakfast on Sat!

It was after my dental appointment and I was waiting for time to pass before I met a buyer at Bedok MRT. I sold away the Smooch B Dble Tour bracelet I bought from a reseller. Mr Toh said it doesn’t suit me and I agree. It doesn’t look good on me at all, I hope it suits the new buyer more!

In other news, I received my reddit Arbitary Day gifts!
Been very busy with many things happening recently so I only managed to do this now.

There was a lovely letter explaining the gifts and I’m so thankful I got such a thoughtful gifter!

In a box packaged with a pretty ribbon.


First up was a pair of premier movie tickets, really awesome gift! As you all know, Mr Toh and I are avid movie buffs but we could never justify spending $30 on movie tickets but now I got them as a gift! Now to decide which movie to use them on. Thank you!! And it rocks that they were for Shaw, our favourite movie theater. =D

Next was 3 animated movie DVDs. I scratched my head when I saw the Winnie the Pooh dvd, but then I realized what I put in my reddit gifts profile, I stated I like Piglet. Hahaha, had forgotten about that. =X
The other 2 DVDs, The Iron Giant & 9, I have not heard of them before but they seem really interesting & promising! Cannot wait to watch them too!
The letter also said to watch out for a 2nd package….so curious now. O.o
The gifts came at a time when I was really stressed out and they really made my day and cheered me up.

So thankful for the wonderful, thoughtful gifts! =)

Mr Toh and me also discovered a really really yummy ramen which we both felt were better than Santouka! *gasp* How could that be possible?!

Introducing Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen!

We had their normal tonkotsu karamiso ramen on Friday.

And absolutely fell in love with the soup! I realised I prefer tonkotsu broth over any other broth and also prefer miso to shoyu. =D So this tonkotsu karamiso ramen which was a little spicy was perfect! Mr Toh had their ramen set with additional chashu don and he remarked that although the texture of the chashu was a little dry, the flavour was really good! And he was super stuffed after the meal but darn satisfied!

We came back on Saturday to try their ‘volcano’ ramen!
We ordered the karamiso too~

Came piping hot in a stone bowl with lots of veggies too. YUM!

After finishing the noodles, they give you a bowl of rice to add to the leftover soup and it becomes like porridge!

It was soooo delicious! Very very shiok to eat. Mr Toh and I shared 1 bowl because he wasn’t very hungry. It was about $18 for a bowl, a tad pricey but super worth it because if you count the rice, it’s like 2 meals! xD Highly recommended to try!

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
Address: 10 Sinaran Drive, #02-68/69 Square 2 @ Novena
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 11am – 10pm

Also collected my Love Bonito Pattison Pants from Dad’s house….but it was too big for me!! Argh!! Should have sized down….but I followed the measurements! *sigh* So there’s no review of it. But the material is good…what a waste!
I am selling it away or try to trade it for size S…but no buyers so far. Maybe I’ll give it to Ah Yi.

Visited Mummy after work yesterday, her infected wrist is getting worse! ='( We keep asking the doctor and nurses, all they can say is they have gave Mummy antibiotics and have to wait to see.

The doctor even told Mummy one solution is to operate on it. WTF?!?!?! Her hand was FINE before she came in and this happened when she was in your care. Super pissed off with TTSH! We will observe her hand for one more day to see if it is better today. If it is not, we will demand to transfer to SGH ASAP.

Mummy please get well soon.


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