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The Dark Knight Rises / Chomp Chomp + Udders

Posted on: July 23, 2012

Met the owner of SpicyHotcake at Dhoby Ghaut after work to collect a necklace I bought for a friend. The owner was very nice and accommodating to my schedule. So thankful for that!

What I bought. A peacock necklace. Simply gorgeous! And it came with a little gift + a handwritten card. So thoughtful! =)

I headed home after that to have a shower and then we headed out for dinner at 212 then to Nex for The Dark Knight Rises!


Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight, in which he took the rap for Dent’s crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its police force which is struggling to cope with Bane’s plans to destroy the city.


Really really awesome casting, acting, directing & storyline. Hands down the best movie this year. There was a really unexpected twist, shall not spoil it here but let’s just say that it really caught me by surprise. Super love all the actors from Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway to Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine! Everyone was great!
Come to think of it, this was a pretty awesome year for movies! Now we just have to wait and see if any movies will beat The Dark Knight. xD

On Sat morning, we were woken up by Mr Toh’s phone by Fujioh’s deliveryman who were delivering the hob and hood.

We didn’t have enough cash because I remembered the price wrongly so we called the shop and explained the situation. They were very nice about it and said we can go down and make payment later. The delivery uncle was also very nice about it and still very friendly.

S$1.2k for this. Omg. Heart pain. =(

After settling the delivery, we went for lunch then headed home to rest before we went for dinner. Initially we wanted to catch a movie but there wasn’t a good timing for Abraham Lincoln, the only movie showing now that we haven’t watched. =P So I thought we can go to Chomp Chomp for dinner instead!

Searched HGW and we decided to try this stall, Hai Wei Yuan Seafood BBQ, 20 Kensington Park Road, Stall #1.

We ordered the BBQ stingray, sambal sotong and baby kailan with garlic. While waiting for the food, Mr Toh went walking around to find more food to order while I reserved the table.

Our sugarcane juice! Love the huge glass. Heh.

Our table was the one with 2 chairs at one side and empty at the other, meant for families with wheelchairs. Suddenly, this woman dragged 2 chairs to our table and just sat down without even asking. I stared at her but she just avoided my gaze. Then her friend joined her and she left to order food I presume.
When our food came, the auntie thought we were together so she placed the rice in front of the stranger. She made to move the rice but she was blowing her nose ferociously before that so I quickly took the rice from her and put it at Mr Toh’s seat. Didn’t want to risk her touching it.
Mr Toh passed by our table, I tried to catch his eye but he was just staring at the 2 strangers and frowning. Lol. =X
When our BBQ food came, there was barely enough space on the table lor…luckily they didn’t order much. Then came the popiah and satay. Table full. Tsk. So pissed at the 2 of them, can’t they wait for an empty table like everyone else? Hai.

Never mind…at least the food was quite good. I liked the stingray, the meat was fresh and tender and nicely cooked, not rough and ‘old’ like some we have tried. I also liked the chilli they used for the sotong. Yummeh!
But the popiah and satay were bleurgh. Both were so sweet! We wonder why….

After dinner, I was craving for ice cream so we went walking around searching for it. Thanks to google, I found out there’s Udders at myvillage, this small building nearby Chomp Chomp.

Shared this with Mr Toh. Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla & Mao Shan Wang!!! Damn good the durian! This is our first time trying and we love it because it’s not that sweet.

On Sunday, we were again awoken by Mr Toh’s phone. This time, it was the contractor who was coming to our place to measure for the kitchen cabinets!

Us on the way out.

My OFTD, first ever taken by Mr Toh. xP The darn weather was soooo scorching hot!! Check out my squinty eyes. I was wearing slippers because my right heel still haven’t recovered from the new shoes I wore on Friday. =(

Our view from the living room. The waterway looks gorgeous! So not looking forward to them building housing blocks in front of us though. T_T

After we were done here, we headed to Gugu’s shop, wanting to choose our study tables but their shop was very busy. O.O So we went to buy some stationery to organise stuff for our new home. They were still busy when we went back so this time, we headed to check out the paint.

We had earlier decided on the colors except for the living room so we decided on the spot after seeing the color swatches and bought everything we needed there including the painting accessories because there’s free delivery for purchases above S$500. We spent about S$610 there. $_$~~~ Initially, we asked Dad to help us deliver the paints but now no need le, wee!

Gugu was only free at around 5pm plus which was nearing their closing time so we fast fast chose the table and Mr Toh helped them close the shop. We then left for dinner and headed home after that. Mr Toh went out straight away after taking his stuff as he was meeting his friends.

I stayed home and watched Drop Dead Diva! Woot! I’m loving the romance between Owen and Jane as well as her new guardian angel. =P

Also received a pressie from Yuan Xin who just came back from Korea. So sweet of her!

3 packs of face masks! =) I used the Vitamin C face mask yesterday and woke up today to smoother and more supple skin. Photobucket


My OFTD today, 2 of my favourite items! =D

Been trying to clear my stash of books we got from MPH Expo book sale. Am currently reading Under the Table: Saucy Tales from Culinary School by Katherine Darling and I’m at Chapter 4 now. Pretty interesting….there are even recipes in it that teaches you some basics of french cooking, like how to make a stock, how to make mayonnaise and how to poach an egg. Awesome stuff. xD

Hope this Monday have been treating you well. =)


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