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Nakhon Kitchen + Aoba Hokkaido Ramen

Posted on: July 20, 2012

OK, I wore the exact same outfit on Tuesday as I did on 03/07 (Tues) when I went for my dental visit. The work of my subconscious mind. =X

Wore my Hollace tee paired with the glitter F21 skirt! Did I mention I super love this combi? Mr Toh asked why I always wear this shirt when its yoga day. Pls leh, where got always?! Only 2nd time I’m wearing it!

Had yoga after work, this time we tried Hatha Yoga for beginners and it was so much better than the Hot Hatha class we tried the previous Wed. =X This was much suited to our level….haha! The instructor Vicky was good too, I liked that he walked around a lot. Met Mr Toh for dinner after that at 212.

I bought a pack of Kinder Bueno the other day, but before I could eat it, Mr Toh finished it. T_T So he bought replacements for me since they were on offer too~! =D Ate a pack yesterday after dinner. So good.

Woke up early on Wed so I bought Macs for breakfast. But…..I was TOO early, no one reached yet so I was stuck outside and had to wait for 10 mins before someone came. Bah… T_T

My OFTD for Wed. Wore my CWC knit top and Smooch scallop shorts! I thought the weather was gonna be cooling but no…it was so stuffy and hot that day. Zzz.

Shun bian review! Very comfy but a bit too wide at the shoulders. It kept slipping off. I think it’s mainly because of my narrow shoulders. Love the color as well. T_T

Met Mr Toh for dinner at Nakhon Kitchen, Kovan after work! Was craving for something spicy! I think it has been about 3 years since we last went? =X

There was a long queue, I think there were at least 7 groups in front of us. But we queued for around 20 mins only. Somehow the time seems to pass very fast. There was only 2 of us and we were seated at a table for 4. I liked that they won’t ask you to share table! =)

As usual, we ordered while we were in the queue and the food was served very fast once we sat down.

My Pad Thai! Damn yummy! There was a burst of flavors when I ate the first mouthful. Spicy, a little sour and a little sweet. I’m drooling now just thinking of it. =D

Mr Toh’s Honey Chicken Rice. Not nice according to him.

We also ordered the green curry and the tom yam seafood soup with thick base! We noticed that almost every table had the green curry…but we didn’t think it was that nice. =/ The tom yam soup was awesome though! Very spicy and sour and a little sweet too. Very shiok! The ingredients were very fresh too. Mr Toh liked their fish while I liked their sotong. =D~

Total bill came up to $29 which is considered not that expensive, I guess? I really really have to commend their service though! Their staff are all very quick on their feet and eyes. They notice immediately if your water glass is empty and are very quick to refill it. They also pay attention to when you appear to finish eating and will always ask politely to confirm if you have finished the meal before they clear the plates.

Every table also has a holder for the TP they provide. I joked to Mr Toh that it looked like the baskets that snake charmers use and he pushed it away. The waitress came over immediately after that and took it away to refill it, just nice it was empty. Action damn fast pls. When we were leaving after making payment, they even helped me pull out the chair. So thoughtful pls. Even though their shop is very crowded with long queues, I never felt like they were chasing me away, which is more than what I can say about some places. *hint ramen @ orchid hotel hint* =) Loooovee their food! I will definitely go back again!

Nakhon Kitchen (Hougang)
Address: 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-341
Tel: +65 6286 8785
Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm–3pm, 5.30pm–10pm

My OFTD yesterday~ Mr Toh damn bad, keep saying this top very grandma-ish because of the print and small buttons. What! T_T

Tried a new place for breakfast, Bread N Butterbox. Ordered a set for $4.50. Regretted my decision….I waited 20mins for toast, eggs and coffee. Almost made me late for work. Super waste my time! >=(

To top it off, the food wasn’t even good. The bread had a stale taste and the soya sauce for the eggs was tasteless…not salty enough! Coffee was pretty good though.

Mr Toh was around my office area so he waited for me to get off work and we decided to have our dinner at Aoba Hokkaido Ramen after looking around. Apparently, they are under the Ajisen group. We don’t like Ajisen’s ramen at all but somehow we prefer the other ramen they bring in.

My corn butter miso ramen! The soup base was normal only…but the chashu was nice! Noodles were pretty good too, at least it wasn’t too soggy. It came with a whole egg which was pretty well cooked. Not hard boiled like Ajisen’s.

Mr Toh’s chashu ramen. I think it is called gyukai. It’s on the left side of page 2 IIRC. Bad choice. Do not order this!! The soup had a weird taste and was bland too! Kinda reminded me of maggi’s chicken instant noodle soup base but not so yummy! Also came with egg & chashu, both were good!

We topped up S$2.90 each for the set meal which came with a side dish and a drink. Similar concept to Ajisen but less choices for side dishes.

Seafood katsu. This was normal bah~

Fried tofu. One of our favourites! This was pretty normal, not that good, not that bad.

Aoba Hokkaido Ramen (VivoCity)
1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-104/105 VivoCity
Tel: +65 6376 9519
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11.30am – 9.45pm

My OFTD for today! Wore my new gojane shoes out today!! It’s so adorable but not comfy… =( I didn’t have enough plasters…only managed to buy when I got to Harbourfront. Hence when I took off my shoes, there was a thin layer of skin that came out on my right heel. *OUCH* T_T~~~~ *sigh*

This color combi is also known as Superman colors, a term coined by the babes on Twitter. LOL. Or Spiderman colors also can!

Gonna watch Batman: The Dark Knight Rises in the evening! Cannot wait!! Reviews have been excellent for it. Super love Christian Bale & Tom Hardy! I just found out yesterday that Tom Hardy is the criminal, Bane in this movie, thanks to Caroline! xD

Have a great Friday all!!


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