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Bellabox + Wedding

Posted on: July 16, 2012

My OFTD on Friday~ The top still looks shapeless…hmmm. But it’s really comfy so I’m not gonna bother about the shapelessness. =X

Went to Dad’s place for steamboat dinner! Super yummy soup prepared by Auntie this time. xD

I also received my bellabox on Friday! Items were pretty good this time too. So I may just continue on for another month and hope they don’t disappoint me in August~

There was a cute lipstick pen in this month’s box and Weiliang was fooling around with it. 几美一下!! This guy is so adorable. =X

Twistband, SK II, skin miso, Legere & Jimmy Choo fragrance.

The fragrance wasn’t in the picture because I gave it to Daphne already. Heh. I don’t wear perfume at all and she really liked the fragrance so on to a better owner! The bottle was really cute too.

Also gave away the SK II set to another colleague as I’m not using SK II nor do I plan to start. She can give it to her mom who’s using it already, also on to another better owner!

Loving the neon orange of the Twistband! Another addition to the sparkly ones I already own. I much prefer the texture of this one…not so scratchy.

Tried the skin miso nose pack later at home that night. Not that effective for me when I used the cotton swab to remove the blackheads but they were easier to remove when I squeezed them. =X Overall, an OK product, I won’t be buying it though.

Legere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB cream. Haven’t tried it yet but I am still hesitating as the reviews said that it’s quite shimmery and I don’t like my face to be shiny! Probably will try it at home only.

On Saturday, we met his friend at Boon Keng, he was gonna introduce us to his ID to get a quote for our flat. Been thinking and discussing the whole weekend how we’re gonna do the flat. Like finally. =X

We also got helpers for painting the flat and decided on the colors! Wee! Then, he’s gonna contact this contractor to do the kitchen cabinets who was recommended by his Gugu. She very very kindly offered to sponsor us for that. Like omg. I really envy Mr Toh’s family…they’re so close knit and generous. O.O
Also need to start finding more IDs for quotes. Got 2 shortlisted ones already. One is a neighbour’s son and one is Don’s friend. =)
Furniture is more or less settled as we can buy from Gugu.

Anyway, after meeting the ID, we went back home to rest as Mr Toh didn’t sleep the whole night, too excited thinking about our home. LOL. In the evening, we headed out for my cousin’s wedding @ Singapore Flyer.

My OFTD for his wedding. In Ohvola Loewe Grecian dress and Gojane heels! Super love the cobalt color of the dress! The dress fits me very well too. Perfect length, not too short as I was in my monstrous 5 inch heels. =X

The heels were a tad too big, I didn’t realise it until we left the house and was walking to the bus stop. My feet kept slipping out! Damn awkward to walk in. T_T So we had to buy the insoles and heel pads from Guardian @ Heartland Mall before taking a cab down.

The wedding was held at the Megu events room.


To be honest…I thought it was a very poorly executed affair. The service staff was mostly Indian and I felt they didn’t understand English! Very slow and no initiative at all. We were seated for about half an hour and no one asked us if we wanted anything to drink. *sigh* The service was disastrous lah. Food wasn’t very good either…..most dishes were too salty and generally not very good. =X But nvm, I’m still very happy for my cousin!

I was super tall that day thanks to my 5 inch heels! But still not tall enough as compared to Mr Toh because I only reached his ears. Wtf.

My usually petite auntie (groom’s mother) was absolutely pint sized standing next to me! LOL! =X
My cousin (the groom) who is taller than Mr Toh and whom I haven’t met for the longest time was surprised that I was almost at eye level with him! He commented that “Wah, Xin Hui become so pretty and grow so tall already!”. *shy* LOL!! Didn’t want to cheat his feelings so I told him it’s because of my heels. Another auntie commented that I’ve become fairer. Woo! Happy sia! =P

There’s another wedding coming up in October, another cousin this time. What to wear?! Aiya, I still have 2 months plus to shop around and decide. Hehe.

We slept in on Sunday and went back to our home in Punggol after we woke up. Wanted to go to Gugu’s shop after that to choose our computer tables so we bought a bag of salted crispy chicken, honey chicken chop and sweet potatoes for sharing. BUT when we reached there at around 6pm, the shop was closed already! Blur Mr Toh forgot they close early at 6pm on Sundays. =( So no choice, we went back to Grandpa’s home, finished the food by ourselves and was planning to forgo dinner.

哪里知道, Gugu came over to Grandpa’s house to prepare dinner and cooked our share!!

When I saw the plate, I didn’t really feel like eating because I saw salmon. =X
But I didn’t want to waste Gugu’s effort. And boy was I glad I ate it because it was delicious! There was no fishy smell and my fish was nicely lightly charred! =D Yummeh! Very thankful for Gugu who is an absolute angel and for being so nice to us.

We went out to walk walk & have tea after resting and showering. My pink & purple slippers from Kukup! Bought it during CNY and only wearing it now. I think this holds the record for being kept the longest without wearing after I bought it.

Absolutely love the colors. I also kinda love how my toenails color contrasts with it. =D

My OFTD today!

Love how the gold zipper accents on the skirt matched with the bow on my Joop belt~ =D

Meeting Mr Toh after work today to go choose our hob and hood for the kitchen. Wonder what brand to choose. =X I do know what I want a metal hob instead of glass because all my relatives are telling me that glass will crack.  So even though glass is nicer, I will choose metal for durability. *sigh*

The work day is coming to an end. Hope your Monday haven’t been too bad. =)


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