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Of torturous hot yoga sessions and OFTD~

Posted on: July 12, 2012

Boss is away on a overseas trip. We came into the office yesterday morning to this!

YUMMY!! Damn shiok. There was too much chocolate to biscuits though. =X

See the price tag? It’s 4 for $10…so expensive! I’d much rather buy a pack of biscuits and a big jar of Nutella, it’d definitely be more value for $$.

Hot yoga was torturous yesterday. =X It was the first time we went on a Wed. We liked the instructor Mahendra, he was very friendly and kinda reminded us of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. LOL. =X But we suspect the class is for intermediate users and not beginners like us. There were so many moves we couldn’t do but I’m still aching today. I really tried my best! Lol. But I think we should still stick to our Tues & Thurs classes.  Also collected our membership cards yesterday, now we can book online! But no idea what is our username and password leh. O.o? Gotta call them and check…to be honest, I don’t really like their service… *sigh*

Was planning to go again tomorrow but I’m having steamboat dinner at Dad’s house before Xiao Yi goes back to China so we pushed that to next week~~

Met Mr Toh for curry rice after that and kept complaining to him how tired I was. Hahaha. I explained some of the moves to him and he kept saying very easy! Wtf! Try holding the same pose for 5 mins then come and tell me easy or not! Bleh!

Slept like a baby later that night. I love hot yoga!! Damn shiok to sweat it out. Definitely gonna jog this coming Sat. Will use Yina’s tip to wear my running outfit to sleep so I won’t have any excuses! Mr Toh also agreed it’s a great tip! Heh.

My OFTD for today~ Black + white with a dash of red. Smooch tipped collar shirt with a black skirt I bought in KL~ Never thought of looping my belt this way until I saw one of the babes on Twitter do it and I thought it looks great!!


My teeth aren’t aching so much already! And my front teeth have started moving and are definitely straighter now as compared to before! Yay!! I really cannot wait for them to be totally straight!

Gonna be meeting Mr Toh’s friend and his interior designer on Sat to quote for our flat then my cousin’s wedding dinner after that. Sunday, we’ll be going to JB with Weiliang as our chauffeur / tour guide! Muahahaha! I wanna eat Bak Kut Teh!!!! It’s gonna be an awesome weekend! I can feel it already!

Happy Thursday and jiayou everyone!!


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