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Painted Skin: The Resurrection

Posted on: July 10, 2012

On Sunday, I woke up early! Around 11am to find Mr Toh watching this China matchmaking show. He’s super hooked on it lor, he finds their conversations very interesting. O.o Watched it with him for a while before we ordered Rite Pizza for lunch!

After eating, I read a bit of my book and went back to sleep. Vaguely remembered Mr Toh coming back to bed at around 2 or 3pm plus. I woke up at around 5plus and tried to wake him up but he wasn’t budging. So I read my book and finished it. Managed to wake him up much later but he started watching the show again the minute he woke up. Still have the cheek to say he was waiting for me. *ARGH* So pissed off. Got a headache from staying in the whole day. T_T

Finally, we went out and headed to Hougang Mall to buy the sports bra that I saw the previous week. Also bought a water bottle from Camelbak in a chio pink color. I thought it was expensive at $25 but compared to $35 for another Nike one that I was considering, I thought it was better value to get the Camelbak one which seemed to be of better quality. Don’t wanna pay so much for the Nike brand only.

While on the way to Hougang Mall, I reminded Mr Toh that I wanted to watch Painted Skin. We checked the timings via the app Showtime SG because Shaw’s website was still down..sucks! Headed to Nex after buying my stuff, luckily there were still good seats available for the 9:40pm timing. I think their business was affected by the malfunction of their website.

We also bought the movie vouchers @ $90 for 10 which the counter auntie recommended, which works out to $9/ticket and you can use it for any movie any time. Even 3D also can, just have to top up. Which is very worth it because we are frequent customers of the cinema here. Only drawback is that you have to purchase the tickets in person, cannot book online. But no issues, we stay quite near. xD

We had dinner at Fish & Co before the movie! Mr Toh had his usual, New York Fish & Chips while I had the seafood platter for one. xD

I finished everything ok!! Mr Toh helped to eat a bit of the fish and 1 of the prawn. =X The food was really yummy! I thought the grilled fish was yummy! =D I find my appetite growing ever since I started going for yoga regularly. Oh shit. I have to exercise more! Really really need to stop procrastinating and start jogging, seriously.


According to the demon lore, it takes hundreds of years to attain human form. Even then, lacking a human heart, a demon cannot experience the true pains and passions of existence. However, there is a legend that if a pure human heart is freely offered to a demon, it can become a mortal and experience true life. Xiaowei, a fox spirit, has been imprisoned for centuries under a frozen lake for violating the laws of the demon world. Her sheer will to survive attracted the bird spirit Quer, who broke through the ice and revived her. Xiaowei saw two choices: experience true death or become truly human. She regains her strength and youth by consuming the heart of a stranger, transforming herself into a beautiful seductress. Unknown to her, the stranger is the Prince of Tian Lang Kingdom


To be really honest, I don’t think Zhou Xun is pretty at all! I much prefer Zhao Wei to her. =X But the cast was great, fabulous acting. I especially liked Quer, she was very cute! I also thought the main actor, Chen Kun was very handsome. xD Loved the storyline and the graphics were good but the whole movie moved along painfully slow….. But overall, I thought it was a good movie, worth catching!

Recently while watching movies, I find that there are less disturbances, like people’s handphone ringing and shit like that. But during this movie, there was this guy whose phone rang and he picked it up! Ok lah, he also put down the phone quite fast but still!! Hai…..then there was this couple behind us who kept talking in Cantonese really loudly. The louder the movie, the louder they talked. Wah lao eh!!! Really cannot stand people like that. Zzz.

My OFTD yesterday. Wore my Catwalkclose Kaia Cropped Top in Rose!

It looks a tad shapeless on me though when I paired with a skirt, dunno if it’d look better paired with shorts? But it’s super comfy~~

Met Mr Toh at Hougang, he was late again. Zzzz…..damn freaking sian sometimes. =( So I went to send a document to a customer first then met him at Hougang for dinner. We had Pepper Lunch! Queue was long and service was slow but food was good as usual.

However, they gave me beef curry cheese rice when I ordered chicken. T_T So…I LL lor, since it’s partially our fault that we didn’t check the receipt. Still yummy.

Went to Dad’s place for a while after that and collected my TVD Evelyn Lace Overlay Tank! Such a pretty blue shade!! Only thing I disliked was the row of non-functional silver buttons on the back, I may be removing them. Can’t wait to wear it out! Mr Toh gave it a rating of “Not bad”. Lol.

No yoga today because the class was full already when we remembered to book yesterday. So we’ll be going tomorrow instead! Think it’ll be more convenient once we collect our membership cards and we can book online!


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