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Facial, Rakuzen & Reddot Brewhouse

Posted on: July 4, 2012

Received my chio glittery twist bands on Friday!

Really digging the chio, glittery colors but they were so scratchy on my wrist. T_T So I try not to wear them on my wrist if I can.

Went for my free facial on Sat morning (thanks to Jie!) @ Jean Yip. Dressed very casually as I planned to go home after that.

The facial was pretty OK lah…I still prefer Pure Tincture though.
Jean Yip serve dessert after facials! =X But not nice one.

As usual, the sales person tried to sell the package but I resisted and didn’t sign anything. She was so rude after that. She left me alone to fill up a list of my friend’s name for recommendation and didn’t come back at all. I had to make my own way down to Level 1. Tsk. I CONFIRM won’t sign with Jean Yip ever.

After that, I made my way home to rest and prepare for going out as well as to wake Mr Toh up for our movie at 3:30pm~! We were catching The Amazing Spider-Man at Cathay. xD

But first, food! As we left the house pretty late, we only had some fries at Carl’s Jr, Plaza Singapura.

Mr Chipmunk. =X

We saw a game of human futsal! So cute!


Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy, and together, they struggle with love, commitment, and secrets. As Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance – leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr Curt Connors, his father’s former partner. As Spider-Man is set on a collision course with Connors’ alter-ego, The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his powers and shape his destiny to become a hero.


I really liked the movie and the new cast! It was very well filmed, I especially loved it when Spidey was swinging around. =X Andrew Garfield was also a great Spiderman to me! Very cute and funny. I think this was a pretty good remake of the film. Of course there was also a short clip at the end of the movie…I wonder who’s gonna be the next villain.

After the movie, Mr Toh was hungry so he had the yummy grilled chicken nasi padang at PS’s foodcourt. But me, I was saving my tummy for yummy Japanese food that Christina was introducing to us! The restaurant’s at Millenia Walk. No pictures because my phone died! But the food was great! We had counter seats and the chef was very friendly! Maybe because he was familiar with Christina. We ordered a few items and left the rest up to him. Pretty pleased with the items he recommended like the crab tempura and edamame.

The staples like their salmon sashimi was well received by Mr Toh who didn’t eat much because he was too full. Hah! We spent about $80+. All the more for me. =X Will definitely go back again for more. =)

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-14/19 Millenia Walk
Tel: +65 6333 1171
Opening Hours:
Mon–Thu:11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
Fri–Sun: 11.30am – 10pm

After stuffing ourselves silly, we cabbed over to Reddot Brewhouse at Dempsey to meet Vicky & Danny for chilling session. I ordered a pint of their Weizen and I really like it! After I finished that, I ordered a 3/4 pint of their Monster Green Lager that seemed to be very popular too. It was good too.

We were actually there to listen to Shili & Adi sing. Christina recommended them to us and I am actually thinking of hiring them for our wedding. =D They only started performing at around 11:30pm. They were awesome, especially when compared to the previous duo who sang from 9:30pm till they reached. =X The whole atmosphere was so different and it was so enjoyable watching and hearing them sing. I’m a fan! xD

Was a tad high after that and I started feeling reaaally sleepy. So we cabbed home after sending Christina back. It was a great night! And no rashes after that! Wee! So thankful. =) Slept like a baby after that.


2 Responses to "Facial, Rakuzen & Reddot Brewhouse"

Plaza Singapura has Carls jr? o.O Didn’t realise…

And yeah, the new Spider-man is good 😀

Yes, they have it at B2~ In front of Chippy’s.

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