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Posted on: June 27, 2012

Yoga was fun yesterday! We took hot yoga and we started sweating the minute we stepped into the room. O.o Once we started, I was sweating from my every pore. Even my shins were sweating. Lol! But the feeling was damn shiok after we showered. And I slept really well. Err…besides waking up at 4am and realizing Mr Toh was still not home yet. =/

We had to bring a padlock for our lockers too. Check out my lock on the left. LOL!!

I told Mr Toh that I had to bring a lock and he said we have 1 at home but he forgot to pass to me. So I was looking through our drawers the next day and only found this. So big!! But I thought, better to bring a big lock than no lock.

When I got to the office, Weiliang said he had an extra lock and lent his to me. His lock is chio, black color one! Hee. Luckily for Weiliang, if not, I think if I use the big lock, people might think I have gold bars in my locker! Wahahahah!

We signed up with True Yoga. Our yoga membership is $140 per month. We paid $50 processing fee and 1 month’s fee upfront, a total of about $200+. Subsequently, $149.80 will be deducted every 25th starting from July. So glad I am doing something more healthy now!

Been bringing breakfast from home these 3 days. The maid is sooo nice to help me prepare a set when she prepare breakfast from Keqing. =D Had my favourite rice kueh yesterday!

She even packed a fork in it, I was just thinking how to eat when I spotted it hidden in the napkins. Hee!

Met Mr Toh for dinner after my yoga at 212 coffeeshop. Wasn’t really feeling hungry and had this stupid urge to eat sinful foods. So we had satay!! xD The satay at 212 is good!

Just received my Ohvola loots! Wee! The romper looks good! The dress looks ok…just a tad crumpled. Must iron first! Can’t wait to try both when I get home. Where’s my TCL loots?!

Gonna be meeting Mr Toh at Nex later tonight as I wanna collect my book from the library~ Also will be needing a new sports bra and a pair of longer bottoms for yoga!


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