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What I wore today & yesterday~

Posted on: June 22, 2012

OFTD for yesterday~ Just paired LB top with F21 skirt and my Mr Robot!

Received my Bricks & Bolsas bag yesterday too!! Just nice, I used it straight away because my old bag spoiled already. =D

What I bought! Don’t really like the yellow and besides I realised I haven’t been carrying any black bags for at least 2 years already so I got it in black.

Picture taken from B&B.

It’s a little bigger than what I expected but it’s OK, I like the size! It’s also quite roomy, I can fit in my workout clothes and there’s no unsightly bulge! The opening is smaller though. Really like the shape of it. =) Pleased with this buy!

After work, we chionged to Raffles Place for our Yoga lesson! It was fun! I am super duper not flexible, I think I am the least flexible person I know, FML. So I had a lot of trouble doing some of the poses but I tried my best. I didn’t sweat a lot though….think I still not trying hard enough. T_T

My purpose of exercising is so that I can eat more!! Muahahahhaa! Foodie ftw! =P

After yoga, we headed to Lau Pa Sat for dinner~ We decided to patronise the 1st bbq seafood stall we saw because it was quite late already, didn’t want to waste any more time.

We ordered sambal stingray, stir fried french beans, thai beancurd and pandan chicken. We ate back the calories we burned I think. Hahaha! Beancurd and french beans were good, the rest…meh. No pictures because we were starving already!

However, I am not aching so much after waking up today. I think I really never try hard enough! Hahahaha. Cabbed home after that as I was tired and lazy to take public transport. Slept as soon as I finished showering. Had to wake up at 6am to wake Mr Toh up as he has something on early the next day. Fell back asleep and he left the house before I woke up.

So here’s my OFTD taken in the room! =D

Wearing my Tazelle tank again. I really need more white tops! Am gonna go to Irene’s place again tonight with Daphne and Weiliang~

Going to Arbite’s tomorrow! Wee! Can satisfy my eggs benedict craving. Woohoo! Gonna google how to get there. =D


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