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Salon Vim & Ryen’s 1st month

Posted on: June 18, 2012

Woke up really early on Saturday and had breakfast with Mr Toh. I started preparing to go out while Mr Toh played his D3.

My OFTD for my hair appt and Ryen’s 1st month!

Wore my tazelle tank again and my new Bershka coral shorts! (OK I realised my mirror is really dirty. Got to clean it tonight!)

I reached Salon Vim punctually at 11am and was led to a seat where they asked what beverage I want, requested for hot tea. =) The place was quite empty then with only 2 or 3 customers but it slowly filled up. They are really quite busy on a weekend so do make an appointment before going down~

I didn’t choose a stylist so I think they assigned Ymond to me (He’s a senior stylist). He came over after I was seated and asked how he can help me. I said I didn’t know if I wanted to do straightening or maybe just treatment. After looking at my hair, he suggested to do rebonding for my roots as the ends were still quite straight plus their promo treatment too. Think he’s either upselling or my hair quite jialat. T_T~~

So his assistant, this very nice lady (I forgot to get her name..) started by washing my hair then drying it and applying the cream. Standard procedure lah.

Here, they are applying the 2nd cream I think. (Ymond on the left and the assistant on the right). Hair is already much straighter! I also realised I am very short. Can only see my head! Lol!

Was a tad afraid that my hair will look very flat after the rebonding, after all I have been rebonding since I was 16 so I know. I asked the asst if it will be very flat, she said the rebonding cream used nowadays are a different kind so it will be more natural. So glad to hear that.

She was very nice. =) It was very pleasant chatting with her while she did my hair. I also think she’s really quite pretty! =X She did try to upsell lah, standard stuff. But because her tone is very nice so I am not offended at all. Rather than those that upsell by criticizing your hair and stuff. She promoted their texturizing perm and their Redken shampoo sets. (I bought the all soft shampoo set because my current shampoo is lousy and finishing) Her head massage was awesome too!

Cocktail treatment! I was quite amused to see that they really mix the creams and shake them in a cocktail shaker. Haha. My treatment was the all soft one.

Started getting really hungry at 1pm…I didn’t have any breakfast or lunch. T_T Luckily they served biscuits with my tea. The asst told me if not enough can request for more biscuits from her, got strawberry flavour also.
But I already feel quite paiseh to open up the biscuit to eat. Lol. The biscuits were really nice though.

Ymond suggested to cut my hair shorter and I just put my trust in him. He asked if I wanted to shorten my fringe, I told him I wanted it a little shorter but not too short because I was afraid it will curl back after a while. So he did his thang. Felt comfortable with him, I prefer less chatty stylists. =X He was also quite serious but I like it, think it makes me feel they are more professional. Hahahaha.

I was only done around 2:30pm. T_T No time to even consider dying my hair. Rushed down to Tampines for Ryen’s 1st month. No pictures because the whole place was very crowded and hectic with a lot of kids. Haha. Left at around 5pm and Don gave me a lift back to Hougang as he was going to that area too. Thanks!!

Reached home and I was about to open the bedroom door when it opened by itself! It was Mr Toh with an extremely guilty look on his face. Turns out he was smoking in the bedroom when I was out! I was expecting him to be asleep lor. Tsk!!

Super love my hair after the rebonding and treatment!! Received lots of compliments for it too. =)

Newly straightened, shortened and treated locks! A little shocked at the length. =X I know lah, it’s not really that short but I wasn’t expecting it to be this length either.

My old pic for comparison.
(sorry for the dirty mirror!! full of my finger prints. T_T)

After making payment, they gave me a free bottle of this shampoo. Who doesn’t love free gifts?! Will give this a try once I finish my all soft shampoo. =)

They are having the GSS promo (until end of July I think) now where the treatment is entitled to a 30% discount. The haircut is also entitled to 30% if you do the treatment. I quoted Yina’s name and got 10% off for the straightening. But if you sign up for their member, you also get 15% off straight away. You only need to put down a deposit of $50 for lifetime membership and the $50 can be used on the next visit!

Member perks include 15% off every visit and additional 20% off on birthday month. Also get additional 5% off when you bring a friend. Quite good right?~! I am SO going in October!

I am starting to love the shorter length too. Christina remarked that I looked younger when I met her yesterday. Woahahahah! =P Mr Toh remarked that the hair isn’t as flat as what he expected.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results! They even used a hot towel on your neck and give you a short massage, daaammmnnn shiok!


3 Responses to "Salon Vim & Ryen’s 1st month"

The rebonding looks not bad! No wonder so many good reviews at  http://www.beautyundercover.sg/hair/salon-vim-chez…s-313-somerset

Hi there,

I’m Gabrielle from Beauty Undercover, a website reviewing beauty salons in Singapore
While searching online, we came across your blog commenting on Salon Vim.

Would you mind if we publish an excerpt of your blog post and link to your page here:

Your blog post would help others know more about an experience at the salon, make a better salon decision and at the same time, increase your blog traffic.

Let us know and hope you have a great week ahead.

You can reach me at admin@beautyundercover.sg

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards

Hi Gabrielle,

Thank you for the interest, however my review is already on your site. =)

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