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Review: TTR Summer Dreams Floral Denim Skirt in Dark Wash

Posted on: June 14, 2012

Hello! I am back with a review! Yes, I sinned again. =X

Kept resisting the floral trend because I am not a floral person but when I saw this skirt on Joyce’s instagram, I fell in love with it because I love denim and I love skirts. But I missed the launch because I was out and forgot about it. I only remembered the next day so I tried my luck commenting for it and got invoiced~ Think it’s not that popular somehow? =X

I got it in dark wash, size L because I have a big butt. T_T

I paired it with Zara tank on the left and LB Jareau top on the right. Somehow feel that the coral color matches the floral print!

The size fits me fine with some allowance. The material is a little on the thin side but still acceptable. Makes it more comfy to wear actually. It doesn’t show VPL for me. I super love the prints!

It’s quite short for me because of my big hips which makes it sit higher than what I’m used to.  It also kinda emphasizes the hips due to the cutting but somehow I really like the cutting and there are pockets!! But the pockets are quite high at the waist so it’s a tad weird.

This also gained his approval which is very rare especially considering it is floral. He said the prints are nice and also said big butts are attractive. What?!

But I am keeping it, I love it too much to let it go! Maybe will wear stockings with it so I don’t flash people if I bend down. =X


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