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PC Show

Posted on: June 13, 2012

On Sunday, we headed to Suntec City for the PC show. We were there to help his ex-colleague buy a laptop as the poor dear was not familiar with Singapore and computers in general.

My OFTD~ Super duper in love with this top! So comfy and I loooove the color!

He was supposed to be meeting 1 of his friends to collect his wallet after it was left with him the previous night but he was very late and ended up making us late as well. T_T We decided to collect it from him later and cabbed to City Hall.

Originally wanted to have my eggs benedict for breakfast but it was too late to make reservations for Wild Honey by the time I remembered…so we decided to just grab a bite at Suntec.

We chose Crystal Jade in the end.

Really digging the color of the wet tissue packaging in a pretty purple shade~

I had the century egg and pork porridge. Theirs is really good! The lean pork slices were well cooked so they weren’t tough and the porridge may look plain but it was yummy!

Ordered this beancurd side dish but I regretted it. =( Think the beancurd was over fried hence the skin was dry and I didn’t really taste the pepper and salt.

Prawn dumplings aka har gao! Really liked this! The prawns were juicy and fresh and the skin wasn’t very thick.


Siew mai! This was really good! I thoroughly enjoyed this, even more than the prawn dumplings! I think the pork in it made it taste sweeter and juicier. Yummeh!


After getting the laptop after walking around and comparing between a few brands, she finally decided on one from Samsung. Turns out that his ex-manager was in charge of the booth and he managed to give her more free gifts. So good~! Singapore is so small lah.

We headed to Marina Square and rested our feet at Coffee Club and had some drinks.

My hazelnut latte, a treat from Yating. Thanks~~! Quite yummy. Nicer than his ice latte.


She left after that and we headed back in. This time, the crowd was so big that they stopped the escalator. T_T We waited for a few minutes before we could go in. We bought a WD 2TB HDD @ $169 and got psychoed to sign up for Citibank credit cards because they were giving away a free luggage. LOL. Auntie much? We then went to find UOB’s booth because they have the ladies card and to see what promo they were having. =X Free umbrellas…meh. We still had to walk over to Suntec Tower 4 to claim it. Tsk. But the card has free spa membership leh! Lol!!

We went to National Library to take his wallet from his friend then headed for dinner after that. He brought me to Tan Quee Lan St wanting to introduce me to a yummy chicken rice. He mentioned he haven’t been there for a few years and I asked if it was still around. He said of course because it is so yummy. But when we reached there…..there was no chicken rice shop! Told you so….. T_T

We ended up at Xian De Lai, I have always wanted to try the one at Nex but no chance to, so we gave this a try!

Chose the chicken and pork ribs soup, as usual, one side is spicy and the other non-spicy. They put this in front of us and said we can eat the chicken first. The chicken was nicely fried and the spiciness was just nice too!


Rest of the ingredients we ordered. Looks quite unappetizing stacked like that. =X


I feel it’s a little pricey at $19.80+ per adult but at least the food was pretty good. We went to SGH later on to visit his grandpa who had been feeling breathless for a few days now but luckily he felt better upon medication and was discharged the next day. =)

My OFTD for today. Wore my new top out with a cream spag inside, a suggestion from a fellow BOS-er. But…..I think it doesn’t look very nice when I paired it with a skirt like this. Perhaps it will look better with shorts.


Monday evening, we had dinner at 212 and went home after that. Was so tired from a day of work… *sigh*


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