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Retail Therapy FTW!

Posted on: June 11, 2012

Not just retail therapy actually, also the act of receiving the items makes me happy.

Retail therapy can never solve anything but at least they cheer me up for that moment. =)

On Saturday, I woke up early to go for my dental appointment. Managed to reach there early and Dr Djeng could attend to me immediately! So happy because usually there will be a queue for him.

He just changed rubber bands but a bracket fell off! So he had to fix it back and we had to wait a while for it to bond. This time, for my lower teeth, he put this rubber band that was joined together, I counted, it was 7 small bands joined together! Don’t know what it is for though. =X Anyway, the left tooth beside my 2 front teeth is moving a lot. There is now a visible gap between them, it is so obvious now that Daphne commented on it. Lol. I got bright pink bands this time. Still my favourite color after all. =D

Walked around Orchard by myself after the appointment, it was still very early, around 10am only. Orchard is like a ghost town! Felt a little hungry so I went to Taka to grab a bite and to pass time. Check out the empty basement. Feels good to have some alone time. Tried not to think so much.

Didn’t feel like eating rice or noodles and I couldn’t find any stall that sells coffee and bread….so I settled for green bean soup! It wasn’t nice though…no taste one.

My aim that day was to get Essence nail polishes from Taka Watsons, cuticle cream from Lush and basic tanks from Zara. My battle plan! =D

My OFTD on Saturday~ The weather was so chilly because it rained the whole night! So I wore my trusty knit top. =D

Went to Zara to walk around and I spotted this cute butterflies chiffon tank so I tried it on. It’s very cute, I love the prints and the collar! But it was a tad big on me. It’s also super pricy at S$59.90. Seriously? For chiffon and no inner lining of any sort? Tsk.

I just got these 2 basic tanks in the end. Looove the material and this is lined! Ok lah, half lined at the upper portion but still. $17.90 each only!

My loots for the day! Cute pouch to store my ever growing collection of nail polishes, lush cuticle cream and essence nail polishes!

Closer look at my Essence loots. =D Super love the colors of the duo nail polish.

I left for home just as Orchard was getting crowded…hehe. Love to shop when no one is around! =X

My NOTD! Couldn’t wait to try this polish so I applied it when I got home. Really glad that I bought this color as I was also thinking of getting the red one. I don’t like it when it’s just midnight date but when combined with the city that never sleeps, it’s just absolutely gorgeous!!! I loooove the green flecks and shimmer!
It reminds me of the night sky. =D

Fame fatal on my toes. Love the red! The application was good for both Essence polishes. Really in love with them!

Lush lemony flutter recommended by Wendy! I realised I’ve been to Lush a long time ago when they just opened but I didn’t know what store they were. =X
Actually I managed to find the store by sniffing them out! Hahahahah!

They also kinda remind me of this dishwashing detergent my grandma used to use! Also in a flat round tub and similar smell. HAHAHA! =X

He said they remind him of ice cream, the packaging looks like a high end ice cream brand.

Took a short nap until he woke up and woke me up also. He asked what I wanted to eat. I had a craving for eggs benedict and he asked me to find a place that I wanted but it was too late already and most places stopped serving brunch already. T_T There’s always Wild Honey but I was way too lazy to go back to Orchard again.

We went for lunch at KFC, Hougang Mall instead then headed to Dad’s place to celebrate Keqing’s birthday! I finally get to collect my packages too.

My stack of parcels~ Happy sia~~ Reviews to come later!

Playing Counter strike with bots on Keqing’s laptop. T_T I gave it a shot too but really super duper long never play so I sucked! =X

Hongyi in his super cute pajamas.

1/4 family shot. Look at how comfy Hongyi is lying on Dad. Hahaha. Full family shot is in Xiaoyi’s camera so I didn’t manage to get it.

Foooood! All prepared by Dad! I felt kinda guilty so I helped do the washing up after everyone ate. =D

Birthday boy and his awesome dragon cake! LOL!

It was also Huimin’s birthday and this cake was hers! Wensheng had to call quite a lot of outlets to find this. So sweet….haha.

After cutting the cake, we left as he was meeting his ‘brothers’.

I alighted at our stop while he continued to Kovan MRT. When I reached home, I uploaded and edited my pictures but was too lazy to blog. =X Slept after he reached home. =)


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