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Posted on: June 11, 2012

On Friday, I had lunch with Daphne and WL @ Hyang-To-Gol Korean Restaurant, Amara Hotel!

Cold kimchi soup appetizer.

We orderd a seafood tofu soup to share. I quite like this! The squid was nicely cooked.

My forgotten order….BBQ pork set lunch. My food was served when Daphne and WL was almost finishing theirs, about 40 mins after we ordered. Zzzz…..I had to ask for my food twice……I think they forgot my order. =(
Had to eat damn fast after that. But it was not bad.

They served this drink after food, I have no idea what it is….but it’s nice! I can only taste red dates though..it’s a little sweet, minty and very refreshing.

Total bill came up to S$49.55 for 4 lunch sets. Pretty reasonable I think. I will go back again but this time, I will ask them which set will be the fastest served. Lol.

Vanilla latte after lunch. I much prefer my hazelnut latte after trying this.

Went to Bugis on Friday after work. Passed by Bugis+ (fka Iluma) and was astonished to see that it was so crowded and there were many new and different stores! Turns out that there was a change in management. Stumbled upon Bershka’s store opening when I was crossing over to Bugis Junction. Didn’t have time to stop but I made a mental note to come over later.

I was meeting him and he called while I was on the bridge to Bugis Junction. He actually came up to find me but apparently we have no fate, I didn’t see him and proceeded to the fountain where he was supposed to be waiting for me. Waited for him outside McDonald’s while trying to see where TCC was. I wanted to have my seafood aglio olio and make use of their 1-for-1 promo!

Sadly, I thoroughly regretted going there for dinner. Firstly, the tables there were very low…at knee level, how to eat a meal like that?! Secondly, service sucks. This guy initially refused to let us change tables, I had to keep a lookout for empty tables myself and demanded for a change of tables. ZZZ. His excuse was it’s Friday and they are very crowded. But not really lor, cafe is full but no queue at all. Lousy. Thirdly, the food was not good. I much prefer the food and service @ Keppel Bay! I will never go back to Bugis TCC again!

After dinner, we headed to Bershka. It was so crowded, I think because there was free cocktails and macaroons. LOL. I recognised one of the blogshop models, I think she’s from Pearlavish. No one else I recognised though. Quite a crowd there but the queue for the fitting room still ok, I think because not everyone is there for shopping, a lot of them were there for free drinks and food. =X

There was also supposedly a fashion show earlier but we missed that.

I bought a pair of shorts. The color is all wrong in this picture. It’s a light coral, salmon-like color. Saw another pretty pair of shorts with some crotchet details at the side but that pair was too short for my liking. This pair was S$35.90 after discount.

Decided to watch Prometheus after that. We wanted to watch it at Filmgarde but I think it isn’t operating now because the upper levels of Bugis+ was undergoing renovation. So we headed to Shaw @ Bugis Junction. They only have 3 theatres but they are huge! I super dislike their seats though….luckily the person in front of me wasn’t tall so I could see the screen. I will never go back there again!


A team of scientists journey through the universe on the spaceship “Prometheus” on a voyage to investigate Alien life forms. The team of scientists becomes stranded on an Alien world, and as they struggle to survive it becomes clear that the horrors they experience are not just a threat to themselves, but to all of mankind.[Souce]

I love the cast and their acting. (Charlize Theron is also in it!) But I am sorry to say that I think the script for this movie is crap! The storyline is really shitty. I felt bored by the show at some parts. When the movie ended, I had NO desire to want to watch Part 2 at all (if they decide to make it, that is..). Lousy show! Booo!!

I also received my Bellabox on Friday! Wee!

Loving all the brands here! Am in the midst of trying some of the products. Will review again soon.


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