I am Mrs Toh

It’s Fridaaaaayyyyyy!

Posted on: June 1, 2012

I’m very happy that it’s Friday.

Firstly, it’s Friday, duh! Cheers to the weekend!

Secondly, the weather is awesome!

Thirdly, Mr Toh is coming back tonight~ Wee!

And and and we are going to Cherry Garden tomorrow with Chris then steamboat dinner with 小姨 in the evening! Woot!

Made fruit salad for dinner yesterday! Really don’t feel like eating outside food but am too lazy to try to cook my own dinner. So this is the easiest solution!

I used kiwis, apples and bananas this time in orange juice. I used fuji apples this time and they tasted better than those red ones!

Then bought some siew mais from Hokee too~ Cannot resist. =X

Have been wanting to wear my scallop shorts for the longest time!
So I was planning today’s outfit around that.

What I chose to pair it with.

Then I remembered that I was gonna pick up Mr Toh later and he doesn’t like me to wear bustiers. So I changed.

Wore back my AA top which I wore when doing the review. Heh. Still love this combination~ Tried pairing it with my leaf necklace.

But I realised I don’t like this necklace! No wonder I still haven’t worn it out despite it being in my wardrobe for months! =X

Then I changed to my little birdy necklace. =D

Don’t know why my stupid HP camera focused on my toes!


Final outfit with my bow belt from Joop! Decided not to use the sash, too lazy to tie it this morning. =X

Sorry to spam, I’m feeling super vain recently. Hahahah!

Work has been sucky, even more sucky than usual. I find myself feeling so frustrated and irritated with the smallest things! Gosh! It’s not PMS I think. I feel myself getting sick and tired of this line……. *sigh* I hope this feeling will pass…..it sucks to feel like this all the time and it really distracts me from  my work. =(

Having a super craving for Caesar Salad these few days. Namely the one from Salads & Wraps but I am so lazy to walk all the way there! Besides, today is a crazy busy day. =(

Imma stay in the office and eat cup noodles! Did I mention I like to eat cup noodles and maggi mee? =D

Positive thinking: The day can only get better! Jiayou!!!


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